13 Nov 2015

What Are Interactive Billboards?

Outside promotional displays have quickly become background noise within our daily commute to work. They’re now a seamless part of our environment which are rarely noticed or commented upon. And so it’s now the role of advertisers to improve the impact these displays have within the general population.

Many are now harnessing interactive billboards to engage their target demographic and create interest in their brand within the industry. In this post, we’ll look at interactive billboards and their many benefits.

An interactive billboard is a promotion that requires active participation on behalf of the audience. It’s an advertisement that will change through an action completed by a viewer. Whether the action is using a smartphone to view a hidden message on the display or changing their body positioning to view the advertisement at a specific angle to reveal the promotion, interactive billboards have proven immensely successful.

Let’s look at the reasons behind the popularity of interactive billboards in the current marketplace:

They Help Unify the Consumer and the Product

In the current social media market, brands are now working tirelessly to ensure their marketing messages bring their consumers closer to their products and services. This unification process has been shown to help consumers feel more aligned with the company and to help increase the consumer’s loyalty toward that brand. It’s part of a long-term marketing process that can ensure companies build a responsive consumer base.

They are New and Exciting

In the current advertising industry, interactive billboards are a new and exciting feature of the local landscape. They bring people together to take part in the advertising process. And this ensures that brands using interactive billboards have an advantage over their competition still using static displays. Consumers are actively searching for these interactive displays, and this means brands can build their consumer base simply by setting up the display and using marketing techniques effectively.

They Offer Social Media Buzz

The online marketplace continues to be the hub for marketing return on investment across most industries. And companies can harness interactive billboards to create buzz around their brand on social media. With consumers increasingly connected, it takes only a small amount of time for an interactive billboard to capture imaginations and invite attention from across the globe.

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