16 Nov 2015

A Look At The Benefits Of Flash Mob Marketing

Flash mobs aren’t an extraordinarily recent phenomenon, but they do still have the ability to get people interested, talking, and spreading the message.

Unlike classical forms of advertising, flash mob marketing has evolved within recent years as brands use the element of surprise and the power of viral video to capture audiences both offline and online. It’s a form of marketing that involves a group of people appearing from within a local landscape to perform a pre-determined routine in order to create brand awareness. With its potential and its innovative approach to engaging prospects, flash mob marketing has become a leading choice of promotion for many companies. In this post, we’ll highlight the benefits of flash mob marketing techniques.

They Can Help Provide Instant Recognition

For local companies hoping to boost their brand awareness in the area, flash mobs can be the ideal tool to quickly ramp up interest in the company. That’s because those in the area of the flash mob will discuss the event they’ve witnessed with their friends and family. It will become the talk of the local areas when carried out effectively, and it can help small brands boost their local prospects in a consolidated timeframe.

They are Low Cost

For small businesses, promotional cost is a leading consideration. Because the majority of those involved in flash mobs will be taking part for the sheer joy of the experience, companies can build the campaign at a reduced cost. The only real expense is a high-quality camera to film the flash mob and the expertise to place the video online for others to experience. This can now be completed quite simply, and so most companies can rely on in-house experts for this process.

They Can Boost Social Media Campaigns

Flash mobs marketing videos are immensely popular online. They are viewed in their millions across the leading social networking sites as viewers take in the experience as well as the marketing message presented by the brand. Companies can use the power of flash mob videos online to significantly boost their flagging social media campaigns. For example, they can disseminate the video to their online brand followers and then create sales-focused conversations based on the response to their content.

By creating a flash mob advertising campaign, brands can enrich their local marketing and build greater connections across offline and online spheres of influence. To learn more about flash mob marketing, call our Grassroots team.