13 May 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Summer 2022

Welcome Summer 2021 with a mind-blowing Guerrilla Marketing campaign!

There is no doubt that Guerrilla Marketing makes an impact, but the degree of that impact is contingent on campaign planning and execution. Thus, we’ve compelled a list of epic Guerrilla Marketing ideas to help you make a splash this summer.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas



You can’t go wrong with the classic and timeless Wildposting®. Wildposting® were one of the first forms of advertising and continue to be extremely influential today.

Wildposting® campaigns are straightforward to execute and exceedingly customizable.

At Grassroots, we offer a range of Wildposting® sizes to best meet your objectives. We can also launch campaigns all over Canada, the United States and Europe. Thus, you can easily run a campaign in just your neighborhood or neighborhoods all over the world this summer.


Another astounding guerrilla marketing idea is placing enormous inflatables in popular and high traffic areas. Inflatables seize attention and are practically impossible to ignore.

The inflatable could be of your product, logo, mascot, album cover, etc. You can set the inflatable near stores, beaches, restaurants, events, parks, etc. You can also change up the location throughout the activation.

Mobile Billboard

With Mobile Billboards, both sides of the truck have massive spaces for messages. Mobile Billboards can sit in traffic, drive along popular routes or park in busy areas. Mobile Billboards can also drive across countries spreading your message to as many target markets as you desire.

Street Frames

Street Frames can be utilized to boost all brands, but it is especially suited for products that are sold at the stores at which the Street Frames are affixed to. Another bonus of Street Frames is they are unable to be graffitied or torn since they are placed on the inside of stores.


Stencils are most fitting if you have a condensed message you want blanketed throughout communities. Stencils can be used to promote logos, email addresses, hashtags, social media handles, phone numbers, slogans, or website URLs. You could also have Stencils leading up to your store or it can be employed to boost promotions.


Murals are an absolute stunning and effective guerrilla marketing medium. Murals insert character, charm and beauty into communities. Murals also provide an outlet for showcasing your brand’s artistic side and personality. Another benefit of Murals is that they regularly get featured in blogs and on social media.

Mobile Display Truck

Mobile Display Trucks are outstanding for interactive guerrilla marketing campaigns and provide a load of creative freedom. Our Mobile Display Trucks can be staged for interactions/demos and you have complete control over what goes inside a display truck. You can turn the Mobile Display Truck into a beach scene, forest scene, winter scene, etc.

Off the Wall Wildposting®

Off the Wall Wildposting® are Wildposting® with 3D objects affixed to it. The 3D objects reel in interest and draw attention to your Wildposting®. The item can be anything that fits your brand and the size, shape and form can all be adjusted.


If you want your message visible and snatching attention all night long, then Projections are for you. Format gaming, green screens, 3D mapping and live-streaming can be incorporated to turn your Projection campaign into an out-of-the-box interactive stimulation. Projections can be displayed by events, bars, restaurants, concerts, gyms, stores, etc.

Food Truck

With Food Trucks, you can hit multiple neighborhoods and cities in just one activation. Food Trucks are remarkably suitable if you’re a food/beverage company and wanted to distribute samples to current or potential customers. However, Food Trucks could also be used to hand out food/beverages as a gift to customers and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own product.


If you want your message anywhere and everywhere then Cling-Alls are a superb guerrilla marketing medium for you.

The sizes, shapes and colors of Cling-Alls can all be adjusted to meet your objectives. Cling-Alls also stick to nearly all surfaces and effectively decorate neighborhoods.

Street Teams

Street Teams bring brands to life.

Street Teams effectively distribute samples, answer questions and/or perform product demonstrations. Our Street Teams will also follow all current protocols to ensure the safety of others and themselves.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is performed when items are placed in unusual areas or on bizarre things with the goal of promoting a brand. Ambient Marketing campaigns spark curiosity and interest as people are trying to understand the objective of the object.

AR Wildposting®

AR Wildposting® have augmented reality incorporated into the Wildposting® which provides a unique user experience. AR Wildposting® are especially fitting for the current times because you can launch an interactive and exciting campaign without physical contact.

Chalk Art

Chalk Art snags attention since people are habituated to staring at plain pavement below them. The size, colors, and shape of your Chalk Art design can all be attuned to represent your brand. Similar to Murals, Chalk Art campaigns also often get photographed and posted to social media.

All of these guerrilla marketing mediums pair exceptionally well together and can all be altered to exceed your objectives. Of course, if you have your own guerrilla marketing idea that’s not on the list, then let’s launch it today…