4 Jan 2016

How Guerrilla Advertising Can Transform Your Business

The ways in which today’s businesses gain more visibility and new customers continue to evolve. Technology has transformed the way customers interact with your products and services, and businesses who leverage the tools available are most likely to succeed in the long run.

Guerilla marketing tactics are an effective way to grow your business with minimal cost, and understanding how guerilla advertising can transform your business will give you a leading edge over your competitors.

The Problem With Today’s Marketing

Now more than ever, it’s harder to gain visibility for your business. Consumers receive a large number of marketing messages each day, which makes it difficult for you to stand out from your competitors.

Utilizing guerilla advertising can be advantageous for businesses, large or small. Smaller businesses can compete with larger and more established brands by implementing creative marketing campaigns that lead to a growing customer base. Established brands can stay connected with their customers on an up-close and personal level.

Guerilla advertising is a powerful tool for businesses that need to reach local customers as well as those around the world. These strategies can also be combined with more traditional marketing campaigns to create an even more powerful growth strategy.

Guerilla advertising provides a greater return on your investment. Most guerilla advertising strategies require minimal cost. This is especially important for new businesses with limited advertising budgets.

Guerilla advertising provides great return on your investment. Campaigns can be scaled to match the budget you are working with; from local street frame campaigns to city-wide takeovers.

Guerilla Beats Traditional Advertising

Guerilla marketing works to drive new customers to your business and lead existing customers to make repeat purchases. The strategies used in these advertisements use the element of surprise by developing interesting ways to spread your brand’s message. Conventional marketing methods such as radio and television can prove to be ineffective relative to the investment required and are unlikely to gain viral attention. Guerilla advertising, on the other hand, generates more attention for your products and services in a shorter amount of time and is often spread throughout social media with little effort on your part.

Guerilla advertising makes it possible for consumers to remember your brand and share your message easily. This lowers the cost of acquiring new customers and generates more revenue for you.

Guerilla Advertising Tactics

One of the most popular forms of guerilla marketing is the creation of viral marketing campaigns. Although it can be difficult to predict if an ad will go viral, there are steps you can take to help.

Offering a free product or service will create a buzz around your brand. It gives people an opportunity to try your offers with no risk while creating something that they’ll likely share with their communities.

It also makes it easy for consumers to share your brand’s message. Video content is one of the easiest forms of content to share, which makes it more likely that a video advertisement will go viral.

It also makes it easy for consumers to share your brand’s message. Video is a popular form of content in terms of sharing; projection advertising can help your video be seen by unexpected audiences.

Your advertising tactics must also be suitable for scaling. When content goes viral, you may experience significant growth in traffic and customers in a short period of time. The ability to handle this increase is essential to successfully seeing through this campaign from start to finish.

Guerilla advertising can be a powerful tool for your business, but knowing how to create compelling content that’s easily shared is essential to helping you generate more visibility and sales for your company. For more information on how to run a successful guerilla campaign, contact the Grassroots team today.