31 Jul 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

10 Extraordinary Examples of Human Billboard Advertising

Boost your brand with human billboard advertising.

Human Billboard Advertising is when an ambassador applies an advertisement onto themselves. This incorporates advertisements on clothing, holding a sign, wearing items with advertisements, and even tattooing an advertisement. Human Billboards bring your message directly to your customers, and they cannot be ignored, tuned out, or turned off.

Our human billboard campaigns are extremely customizable, so we can meet your brand vision. With human billboard advertising, you have the freedom to choose the number of human billboards, the areas they go to, the activation days, and the campaign hours. Human billboards are suitable for any industry, business size, or brand. You can choose to target specific events, neighborhoods, malls, campuses, and/or venues. Human billboards can hand out product samples, promotional material, and/or coupons. Our backlit billboards also allow us to advertise all night long.

Human billboards attract attention, generate buzz, and create memorable connections. With human billboards, you can bring your message to places where other advertisements might not be allowed. Human billboards stand out in crowds by displaying messages above or from within the crowd. Human billboards also have a high return on investment since you can reach large numbers of people for a low cost.

Human billboards offer endless possibilities for how you present your brand to your audience. Here are 10 extraordinary examples of human billboard advertising…

Skip the Dishes Human Billboard Campaign

skip the dishes walking billboard

During the Vancouver Pride Parade, our brand ambassadors strolled through the parade wearing backpack billboards. The billboards had clever captions promoting skip the dishes while incorporating the event. The walking billboards interacted with attendees and posed for group pictures. The LED lights on the billboards enabled their messages to be seen well into the night.

Madagascar Walking Billboard Campaign  

Madagascar Backpack Billboard

To advertise the new Madagascar movie, 18 walking billboards wore wigs while strolling through Toronto and handing out collateral to the public. The backpack billboards targeted the Rogers Centre during baseball games, the Toronto Zoo, and the Circus Festival.

Strut Wine Human Billboard Campaign

strut wine walking billboard

Interactive projections and walking billboards were combined to endorse Strut Wine. We installed a branded wall and red carpet throughout Toronto, and the public was invited to walk the red carpet. The reps took pictures of the participants, which were then streamed to the projections. The walking billboards also handed out coupons for free bottles of wine.

Jackass Backpack Billboard Campaign

jackass human billboard

To promote the new Jackass movie, 18 brand ambassadors hit the downtown Toronto streets with backpack billboards armed with Jackass shot glasses. They targeted the Toronto nighttime crowd and went to popular events like NIN, Misfits, and football games.

RBC Backpack Billboard Campaign

RBC backpack billboard

Our backpack billboards visited various Toronto areas to endorse RBC. They informed pedestrians about RBC plans while handing out promotional material.

Mission Impossible Human Billboard Campaign  

Mission Impossible Human Billboard

Fifteen backpack billboards promoted the new Mission Impossible movie by mingling with the public and handing out merchandise.

Priest Walking Billboard Campaign

priest walking billboard

Our backpack billboards toured around the Rogers Centre, endorsing the new movie, Priest.

Empire Walking Billboard Campaign

empire human billboard

To promote Empire, we combined projections with backlit billboards. Five backpack billboards roamed Toronto, boosting Empire while mingling with the public.

True Religion and Ed Hardy Human Billboard Campaign  

true religion and ed hardy human billboard

Our backpack billboards went on a 12-day adventure to boost True Religion and Ed Hardy. The backpack billboards walked around schools, campuses, and popular events.

BMO Backpack Billboard campaign

BMO walking billboard

Our walking billboards roamed Toronto, endorsing BMO and handing out promotional material.