1 Feb 2016

Creative Strategies For Offline Marketing

In an ever-increasing marketplace, it can be tough to make your business stand out. Web and television advertising will surely always be around, but people get so bombarded with ads on the internet and on TV that they tend to tune them out. Unconventional marketing and advertising are becoming increasingly popular and are an effective and creative way to make your business stand out.

There are many ways you can think outside the box when it comes to non-traditional advertising. These offline strategies will catch the eye of potential clients and put a fresh spin on your approach.

Getting Creative With Business Cards

Business cards or other print material, such as postcards or stationary, are important. Not only do they provide potential clients and customers with your contact information, they also give people something to actually take with them and hold on to.

Investing in good-quality business cards, which include good design, is a huge step in making your business stand out. Make sure you and your staff always have cards on hand.

Investing in Your Staff

Happy staff make for happy customers. Companies that put emphasis on great customer service always stand out, especially when it comes to word-of-mouth, which is one of the best ways to gain new business. Good customer service starts with management, which means you need to give your staff the tools to do their job at the highest level. By taking good care of your staff, providing them with proper training, and adding perks and incentives, you will increase their happiness and their desire to work hard for you and your business.

Sponsoring Your Community

Even with a small budget, sponsoring a local sports team is a great way to get your company’s name out there, gain new business, and give back to the community!

Getting involved in other community and charitable events, whether as a sponsor or a provider of other resources, is a positive team- and community-building way to market creatively.

Make the Most of the Holidays

Give your business a personal touch by sending cards and/or gifts (depending on your budget) to customers or clients. Small, personal touches like this will really make your business stand out from the competition and make your customers feel valued.

There are so many opportunities to get creative with your offline marketing. Company brainstorm sessions can ensure everyone has a voice and may yield some ideas you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

Break with tradition and embrace creativity this year!