16 Sep 2019
Posted by: Emily Rieger

10 Innovative Projection Campaigns

Projections open the door to countless creative and sensational opportunities for campaigns. They tie exceptionally well with experiential aspects such as street teams or handouts. We also offer several unique features for projections, like live-streaming, 3D mapping, format gaming, green screens, and much more!

Here are 10 cutting-edge projection campaigns we have launched…

Tangerine Projections

Tangerine Raptors Projection

Tangerine displayed their Raptors support by projecting the live game score throughout Toronto during the NBA finals. Different creatives were then projected after the game, depending on the outcome.

Beefeater Pink Projections

Beefeater Pink Projection

A strawberry spraying scent canon accompanied Beefeater projections, which created a strong sensory experience.

ScotiaGallery Projections

ScotiaGallery Projections

ScotiaGallery connected the citizens of Toronto by projecting their artistic photos. If the hashtag ScotiaGallery was utilized on Instagram, then people’s pictures could be incorporated into the ScotiaGallery projections.

Molson Projections

Molson Projection

Pedestrians could win a cider king can by pushing a giant button and acting out the projected dare. Not only was it a fun contest to participate in, but it was even more fun to watch.

Supergirl Projections

Supergirl Projection

To promote the Supergirl TV show, mobile projections stimulated Supergirl flying throughout Toronto.

Corona Projections

Corona Projection

Pedestrians had a chance to feel like a Rockstar with the Corona campaign. They were invited to sing karaoke while being displayed on city walls.

Toyota Projections

Toyota Projection

Passersby could show off their driving skills by playing a projected car racing game. They could either drive a Corolla on a pinball or a mountain course. Toyota brought test drives to a whole new level.

Sapporo Projections

Sapporo Projection

Sensors integrated with projections offered people the opportunity to experience being a Sumo, Geisha, or Samurai. Videos of the campaign were also uploaded to the Sapporo Facebook page.

TIFF/ET Canada Projections

TIFF ET Projection

People could experience life as a celebrity by posing for pictures that were taken by brand ambassadors acting like paparazzi. The pictures were then streamed to projections throughout Toronto and uploaded to their microsite.

Open wine Projections

Open Wine Projection

Reps encouraged passersby to push a button to commence a projected dice roll, which represented random prizes they could win.