26 Mar 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

10 Tips for Street Marketing

Create lasting brand connections and memories with Street Marketing.

Street Marketing is employed when brands are boosted to the public on the street. Street Marketing breeds brand awareness and builds brand relationships. When your objective is to promote brands in specific geographic areas then Street Marketing is for you.

Street Marketing campaigns can effortlessly be adjusted to meet budgets as well as visions. If you’re interested in executing a Street Marketing campaign, then here are tips to help you launch an astonishing campaign…

Evaluate Street Marketing Mediums

Street Marketing incorporates an extensive range of mediums such as Wildposting®, street teams, chalk art, murals, projections, etc. Consequently, each medium has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Before choosing your Street Advertising medium, you should research all the available options so you can find one that is best suited for your brand and campaign goals.

Target Market

Before picking Street Marketing locations, you should select and grasp your target market. Research where your target market lives, shops, dines, works, exercises, etc.

Once you decide on your target market(s) then you can easily select your locations. With Street Advertising, you can reach just one neighborhood, or you can target multiple communities, cities, or even countries. If your target markets live across the world, then you can run Street Marketing campaigns in all those cities.

You could also personalize each Street Marketing campaign depending on the city it is being implemented in.

aphria riff Wildposting®

For instance, we ran a Wildposting® campaign for Aphria Riff in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. In each city, Aphria slightly altered their Wildposting® creative to symbolize significant city landmarks. In Toronto, they insinuated High Park while in Calgary they referred to the Red Mile.

Campaign Timing  

Depending on the time of year, some Street Marketing mediums may be better suited than others.

Also, certain mediums are only visible during daylight while others are only visible at night. There are several mediums that can be visible all day and night such as backpack billboards. Consequently, you should decide if you’d prefer to target people during the night, day or both.

When selecting your campaign length, keep in mind that some mediums are better suited for one day activations while others can run for weeks at a time. For instance, if you wanted your message to be visible for several weeks then Wildposting® and street frames would be fitting mediums.

Medium Combinations

Multiple Street Marketing mediums can effectively be combined to create an out-of-the-box interactive campaign. You could also link your Street Advertising campaign to social media through the use of a hashtag.

Multiple Flights

Executing multiple campaign flights will help boost brand recognition and recall. You could use the same design multiple times throughout the year or modify the creative for each flight.

Multiple flights are especially suitable if you are launching a new product. For instance, you could have a teaser campaign which sparks curiosity then a reveal campaign which displays the new product.

white claw Wildposting®

Minimal Messaging

Aim to communicate your message using as few words as possible. You could utilize graphics and objects to symbolize your message as appose to typography.

When people view Street Marketing campaigns, they typically are on the move, so your message should be brief, so people can easily and quickly comprehend it.

Contrasting Elements

Create an eye-catching design that leaps off its configuration by employing contrasting elements. Contingent on the medium, you should ensure the colors in your design contrast with the structure it is on. For instance, if you launched a stencil campaign, you should avoid using the color grey since the pavement is grey and that would lead to the stencil barely being visible.

Photo Worthy

If it aligns with your brand and campaign goals, try to have your campaign photo worthy. If people take photos of your campaign, then they can share it with others and/or on social media which will highly increase exposure. Campaigns that usually get photographed are aesthetically pleasing, clever, shocking, interesting, or just fun.

You could even incorporate elements in your design that signal where people should stand for a photo.

G Adventures Mural

For example, we fulfilled a mural campaign for G Adventures which had a portion for people to stand for a picture and a hashtag people could utilize to share on social media.

Campaign Colors

Colors stimulate various emotions, moods, feelings and thoughts. When designing your Street Marketing campaign, you should select colors that align with your message and brand.

If you employ your brand colors, then people can instantly identify your brand. Coloring is especially essential for Street Marketing campaigns since people will be in motion while inspecting your ad, so they need to be able to instantly distinguish your brand.


Depending on your Street Marketing medium, you should ensure it is being maintained. Maintenance wouldn’t apply to all mediums such as street teams, projections, backpack billboards, etc. However, it does apply to mediums that are left on the street for long periods of time without someone guarding it 24/7.

Street Marketing mediums such as Wildposting® are prone to being graffitied or torn since it is in public spaces. However, this can be fixed by monitoring and maintaining the Wildposting®.

Street Marketing incorporates a range of effective mediums that will deliver your message in a unique and unforgettable way. If you would like to launch a Street Advertising campaign, then contact us today…