11 Jan 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

17 Examples of Effective Street Advertising Campaigns

Make your daydreams a reality with Street Advertising.

What is Street Advertising?

As the name suggests, Street Advertising is when advertising is conveyed on the streets. Street Advertising utilizes unconventional tactics to boost brands to people who are outside their homes.

Advantages of Street Advertising



A huge perk of Street Advertising is that it can be adjusted and customized to meet your budget. Street Advertising is less expensive than most traditional forms of advertising. It also has a high ROI since it reaches loads of people for a low cost.

Street Marketing is extremely suitable for small companies looking to run an affordable advertising campaign. However, any company, brand, or event can benefit from Street Marketing.


Street Advertising snatches people’s attention since it intersects people’s daily regular routines. Since Street Marketing occurs in public spaces, it cannot be turned on or switched off. Thus, people are going to notice Street Advertising and they are going to remember it.

Builds Brand Connections

Street Advertising is full of emotion, excitement, and energy. With Street Marketing, you can interact directly with your customers and build relationships. Street Advertising brings brands to life and showcases brands’ personalities. Street Marketing also creates positive experiences, which people will then translate into brands.

Disadvantages of Street Advertising


Weather Conditions

Since Street Advertising occurs outside, the current weather impacts the campaign. When planning a Street Marketing campaign, it can be challenging to forecast what the weather will be like on the day of the campaign. However, you can overcome this obstacle by having a plan in place for all weather conditions.


In some circumstances, Street Marketing could initiate controversy, which may lead to people taking action against the campaign. However, all advertising campaigns are susceptible to triggering disputes since citizens have varying viewpoints.


Street Advertising campaigns can activate confusion and misunderstanding. In most cases, there is no one explaining the campaign to everyone who walks by. Thus, you should aim to have a comprehendible and clear message when executing a Street Marketing campaign.

Examples of Street Advertising

Street Marketing includes an extensive range of mediums such as Wildposting®, projections, mobile billboards, backpack billboards and much, much more!

Many types of businesses can run effective street advertising campaigns, including industries like entertainment, clothing, jewelry stores, artists, movies, tech companies, and the list goes on.

Below are specific examples of effective Street Advertising campaigns we have launched…

Pearl Jam Street Advertising Campaign

pearl jam Street Advertising Campaign

Pearl Jam transported their Street Advertising campaign to the next level by incorporating augmented reality into their Wildposting®.

Pearl Jam ran a worldwide teaser campaign for their first album in 7 years, Gigaton. Their website displayed a world map with pins of the exact locations of their gigantic waterfall, Wildposting®, and there was a message prompting fans to visit the nearest location. Once fans arrived, there was a link to activate an AR lens through Facebook or Instagram. If users directed their phone lens towards the Wildposting® while using the filter, then the waterfalls in the postings began to flow. Fans could then take a video of the waterfalls and post it to their Facebook or Instagram story.


Pearl Jam successfully ran an interactive worldwide Street Marketing campaign that not only included augmented reality but also linked to social media.


Malibu Rum Street Advertising Campaign  

Malibu Rum Street Marketing Campaign

Another exciting Street Advertising example was the Mobile Bar we launched to promote Malibu Rum. Our display truck was converted into a bar with a bamboo roof, beach sand, surfboards, a giant swing, and a Tiki Bar. We drove and parked the Island in the 6ix at popular Toronto hangouts.

Pedestrians were invited onto the truck for free Malibu Rum samples and branded swag. They could also take pictures with the unique photo wall and post it to their Instagram, utilizing the event hashtag #becausesummer.


Tory Lanez Street Marketing Campaign  

Tory Lanez Street Advertising Campaign

To boost Tory Lanez’s album release, we set up an enormous inflatable iPod at busy intersections throughout Toronto. The pink iPod appeared like it was playing his new album, Chixtape 5.

The Tory Lanez Street Advertising campaign had a crystal-clear message that was impossible to ignore.


United Way Street Advertising Campaign  

United Way Street Advertising Campaign

We placed park benches with branded mats throughout Toronto to increase awareness about local poverty. The park bench symbolized how several individuals must use it as their bed.


American Ultra Street Advertising Campaign  

American Ultra Street Marketing Campaign 

To promote American Ultra, we affixed branded rolling papers to American Ultra Wildposting®. Fans could rip off a pack or many packs of rolling papers for free.

Not only does the campaign target pedestrians walking by the Wildposting®, but it also reaches all the people who see the branded rolling papers that individuals take home with them.


Heineken Street Marketing Campaign  

Heineken Street Marketing Campaign

Our display truck was transformed into a massive party to boost Heineken. The Heineken themed truck is parked by popular Toronto bars and clubs. Dancers engaged with people waiting in bar lines, and a DJ played bangers all night long.


Beefeater Pink Street Marketing Campaign  

Beefeater Pink Street Marketing Campaign

To promote the strawberry-flavored gin, Beefeater Pink, we combined projections with a strawberry-spraying scent canon to create an immersive sensory experience. The scent canon was set in a parking lot, and when people strolled by the projections, they instantly smelled a strawberry fragrance that was impossible to ignore. We also affixed 3D strawberries to Beefeater Pink Wildposting® to further boost buzz and reach.

The Beefeater Pink Street Advertising campaign delivered a distinctive experience by targeting smell, since advertising campaigns normally exclude that sensation.


Fantastic Beasts Street Marketing Campaign  

fantastic beasts street marketing campaign

To boost the new Fantastic Beasts movie, we painted a beautiful mural on a popular city wall. We even attached wands to the mural to make it stand out even more.


Scotia Gallery Street Advertising Campaign  

Scotia Gallery Street Advertising Campaign 

We executed an interactive Street Advertising campaign for Scotia Gallery which provided people with the opportunity to showcase their artistic efforts. If individuals used the hashtag #ScotiaGallery on Instagram, then their picture could be livestreamed to the Scotia Gallery projections. The Scotia Gallery projections were displayed on popular city walls throughout Toronto.


Mooby’s Street Marketing Campaign  

Moobys Street Advertising Campaign

We hung Clerks-inspired banners throughout the downtown core to boost the Mooby’s pop-up. The Mooby’s banners snatched attention since the typography was legible and clear with lots of white space.

Mooby’s is a fictional fast-food restaurant featured in a few of Kevin Smith’s movies. The goal of the banners was to encourage people to go to SkipTheDishes and order an utterly mouth-watering meal from Mooby’s.


Corona Street Advertising Campaign  

Corona Street Marketing Campaign

We launched a sensational and interactive Street Advertising campaign to promote the beer brand, Corona. The public had a chance to sing karaoke while being projected on building walls throughout Canada. Plus, brand ambassadors were handing out Corona swag to participants.


Holt Renfrew Street Marketing Campaign  

holt renfrew Street Marketing Campaign

To endorse Holt Renfrew, we converted our display truck into a game ground and every player was a winner. Pedestrians were invited onto the truck and told to pick up a key that unlocked one of the three boxes. Each box contained a unique Holt Renfrew product that participants could keep.


SkipTheDishes Street Advertising Campaign  

SkipTheDishes Street Advertising Campaign

Street Teams wandered through the Vancouver Pride Parade while wearing backpack billboards promoting SkipTheDishes. The billboards had crafty captions boosting SkipTheDishes while referencing the parade. The Street Teams also engaged with and took pictures with event attendees.


Toyota Street Marketing Campaign  

Toyota Street Advertising Campaign 

Toyota’s Street Advertising campaign brought test-drives to a new level. Passersby had the opportunity to partake in a Toyota car racing game that was projected on building walls. Chromakey was utilized to project the players right into the Toyota creative. Participants raced in a corolla in the projection, and they could select either a pinball or mountain driving course.


Sprite Street Advertising Campaign  

Sprite Street Advertising Campaign

Sprite helped people prepare for back-to-school by affixing free clothing articles to their Wildposting® for people to rip off and take home with them.


Molson Street Advertising Campaign  

Molson Street Advertising Campaign 

Molson dared their fans to have some fun in their interactive projection campaign. Players had to push an enormous button, then perform the projected dare to be rewarded with a cider king can. Reps filmed all the dares, then uploaded the footage to social media.


ROM Street Marketing Campaign  

Royal Ontario Museum Street Advertising Campaign

The public had the opportunity to experience a ROM exhibit on the streets. We illustrated a massive 3D chalk art exhibit in front of the Royal Ontario Museum to attract customers. The vibrant exhibit snatched attention and made for excellent photos.

With Street Advertising, you can let your creativity soar. Street Marketing is extremely flexible, and you can adjust Street Advertising campaigns to meet your vision. If you’re interested in executing a Street Marketing campaign, then contact us today…