11 Dec 2015

How To Take Your Wildposting® Campaign To The Next Level

Also referred to as poster sniping or fly posting, Wildposting® is now defined as the placement of posters on the outdoor urban landscape. It has become commonplace to see posters on construction sites, city poles, street benches, on campus, inside cafes, on retail shop windows, public bulletin boards, and other visible outdoor street locations/positions.

This type of guerrilla marketing has become quite popular among a range of brands, including giants like Apple and Sony. In fact, Apple’s famous ‘silhouette’ campaign for the iPod gained much traction from the iconic posters placed virtually everywhere in all major cities. Even today, businesses continue to maximise on the ability of these outdoor and indoor poster placements to add creative presence, audience engagement, and social media coverage to their outdoor advertising campaigns.

How to maximise your Wildposting® campaign

Once you decide to proceed with Wildposting® advertising, you should brainstorm ideas for the locations where your posters will receive the best feedback. Form a strategy, taking into consideration where your target customers are likely to spend their time, such as proximity to the venue for an event you are advertising.

Next, consider the type of poster that will work best for you:

  • Card-stock posters – placed via staples, push-pins, or tape for promoting local events, are placed on community boards.
  • Magnetic Wildposting® – consumers take the magnets for personal use when found
  • Static or guerrilla cling posters – charged with static electricity to stick to different surfaces without paste, tape, or staples
  • Permitted/dedicated wheat-paste posters – site-specific paper posters that highlight a single brand advertising campaign
  • Tease and Reveal Wildposting® – Two different creatives are posted in succession, usually to create some hype around an event or product launch
  • Tear-away Wildposting®– encourage the audience to remove a single poster from the pad

Create your posters using bright colours and striking imagery so they stand out. Choose a method of posting, and let us hit the streets for you.

Why not social media advertising?

With any form of online marketing, your audience has to find the message; but Wildposting® takes your message to the people and ensures that they get it. The allure of Wildposting® is its potential to reach prospective customers in an unusual way. You can delete a marketing email without reading it, but you will get the message instantly from a simple glance at an attractive poster. The positioning of Wildposting® is ideal for pedestrians or foot traffic, and it is an inexpensive alternative to most traditional advertising mediums. It’s also a quick production process, so you can get your message out at a moment’s notice.

The creativity and exposure of Wildposting® is a difficult art to master. If you’re looking to invest some of your marketing budget towards Wildposting®, contact our team today!