Wildposting® was one of the first forms of advertising and it continues to be valuable today. Wildposting® is when static prints are placed on multiple surfaces with the objective of communicating messages to the public. Wildposting® are bold, stylish, authentic and striking.
Here are the top benefits of Wildposting®

Cost Efficient

Wildposting® have high exposures for a low cost which results in a high return on investment. Wildposting® campaigns in Toronto, NYC, Chicago, or anywhere else you can imagine are also customizable, and there is not a set price. The number of locations, campaign length and Wildposting® size can all be adjusted to meet your budget.

Strategic Distribution

A huge advantage of Wildposting® is the freedom to choose the locations. Clients can target areas close to malls, bars, businesses, and many other neighborhoods.
Our Wildposting® boards are in areas with extremely high foot and car traffic such as the downtown Toronto core.

Longstanding Exposure

Wildposting® can be viewed at all hours of the day and night. Customers can select the campaign length that meets their goals and we constantly maintain posters to ensure that they remain in pristine condition.

Style Variety

Wildposting® come in several sizes and styles that can be suitable for any brand image. Our style sizes are Singles, Mini-Monsters, Monsters, Dominations and Tear-Aways.

High Visibility

Wildposting® target massive audiences and they effectively snatch attention since they strongly contrast with the plain hoardings they’re posted on. Wildposting® creates brand awareness and recognition. Plus, Wildposting® can be seen by even the most difficult to reach consumers.

Wildposting Benefits Infographic-2020