23 Apr 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

25 Positive Advertisements Promoting Safety During COVID-19 Crisis

We’re all in this together, just 6 ft apart…

Grassroots Advertising hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 Crisis. These are extremely unpredictable times, and it’s affecting each and every one of us worldwide. It’s impacted the way we work, socialize, have meals, and do activities.

However, the COVID-19 Crisis has shown a lot of good in humanity. Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Police Officers, Firefighters, Delivery Drivers, Janitors, Medical Equipment Companies and many more are risking their lives every day to help us all get through this. Even though we have to keep our physical distance, we are all coming together stronger than ever.  are doing their part to help.

Businesses are thinking of resourceful ways to assist communities. Whether it’s donating funds, providing their services free of charge, or creating inspirational advertisements.

Here’s a list of 25 positive advertisements promoting safety during the COVID-19 Crisis…

NFL Advertisement

The NFL created a “Stay Home, Stay Strong” inspirational video promoting staying inside to stop the spread.




Apple Advertisement

Apple has launched the “Creativity Goes On” campaign, which displays all the imaginative and entertaining activities that can be completed while staying indoors.




Old Spice Advertisement

Old Spice has created an advertisement promoting washing hands to stop the spread.




Dove Advertisement

Dove is running the “Courage is Beautiful” campaign, which demonstrates its support for the front-liners who are heroically helping us all get through this.





Nike Advertisement

Nike is running a promotion called “Play for the World” which is encouraging people to still exercise but to think of inventive ways to do it all at home.




Uber Advertisement

Uber has launched a commercial promoting staying at home by using the catchphrase “thank you for not riding with Uber”.




Burger King Advertisement

Burger King France is supporting staying indoors by creating an advertisement that displays all the ingredients needed to make their famous whopper burger.

Burger King Advertisement

Google Earth Advertisement

Google Earth is promoting exploring the world virtually through their “New Google Earth” campaign.




Benjamin Moore Advertisement

Benjamin Moore is running a campaign supporting painters and encouraging people to still hire painters for outdoor projects.




BMO Advertisement

In a heartening commercial, BMO thanks all the front-liners.




Flight Centre Advertisement

Flight Centre UK has created an inspirational video promoting staying inside, but being hopeful that we’ll get through this and be able to travel again soon.




Uncle Ben’s Advertisement

Uncle Ben’s is encouraging people to still communicate with others while remaining at home.




Facebook Advertisement

Facebook has launched a heartwarming video promoting togetherness and helping others during these times.




Google Advertisement

Google created an inspirational video that thanks healthcare workers for saving our lives while risking their own.




Volvo Advertisement

Volvo is endorsing staying at home by altering their motto, “The safest place to be is in a Volvo” to “Right now, the safest place to be isn’t in a Volvo”.

Volvo Advertisement

Budweiser Advertisement

Budweiser is running a campaign called “One Team” which promotes us all working together.




Ikea Advertisement

Ikea is bringing excitement to staying inside by providing people with the recipe to make their famous meatballs.

Ikea Advertisement

Coca-Cola Advertisement

Coca-Cola has launched a video with various safety and health guidelines.




BBC Advertisement

The BBC has produced an inspirational video promoting togetherness.




Jeep Advertisement

Jeep is encouraging people to stay at home through their hashtag #StayOffTheRoad and their advertisements.




Campbell Soup Advertisement

In a heartfelt commercial, Campbell Soup is promoting people to continue to interact with others, but from a distance.




Adidas Advertisement

Adidas is running the “join the #hometeam” campaign, which is encouraging people to stay indoors but to still be active.

Adidas Advertisement

Walmart Advertisement

Walmart is running an inspiring commercial stating that they are here for us during this crisis.
 Advertisement has launched an advertisement encouraging people to stay in their homes while still displaying the comfort of a home.




Grassroots Advertising Advertisement 

Lastly, we’re running our own Wildposting® campaign, spreading togetherness while socially distancing. We hope our posters bring positivity and encouragement to the people of Toronto.

Grassroots Advertising Advertisement

Stay Safe, and we will get through this together!