Guerrilla Marketing Services Berlin

Are you actively seeking guerrilla marketing services in Berlin? Your search ends here with Grassroots Advertising! Berlin, Germany’s largest city, home to 3.5 million residents, is celebrated for its vibrant nightlife, flourishing arts and culture, and captivating history. At Grassroots Advertising, we are recognized as veterans of Guerilla Media services in North America and have recently expanded our operations to Berlin.


Wildposting® Wonders: Berlin's Guerrilla Advertising Revolution

Wildposting® is a highly efficient and cost-effective advertising strategy that utilizes strategically placed posters and ads in high-traffic areas throughout the city to capture the attention of your target audience. This unique form of advertising is particularly effective in reaching younger demographics who are more likely to be influenced by creative and unconventional marketing methods. With its eye-catching designs and placement in key locations, wildposting® has the potential to leave a lasting impression on potential customers, generating buzz and excitement around your brand. This can increase brand recognition and drive sales, making it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. By targeting specific neighborhoods and demographics, you can ensure that your message is being seen by the right people and achieve the desired results. Overall, wildposting® is a powerful, affordable, and highly visible form of advertising that can help propel your brand to greater success.

Berlin’s cityscape is eccentric, with layers of distinct architectural styles resulting from the grand plans for reconstruction programs by each of the many national governments based in Berlin. This varied aesthetic is also reflected in the city’s music and arts scenes, making it a cultural hub with many music festivals, a vibrant nightlife, contemporary arts, and a strong entrepreneurial center.

The Friedrichshain area features a 1.3 km strip of the Berlin Wall, now known as the “East Side Gallery” covered in artwork by renowned international street and graffiti artists. The Kreuzberg neighborhood, on the other hand, is home to counter-cultural groups and decaying buildings, making it an excellent spot for Wildposting®.


If you’re looking for a more wholesome environment, we recommend Prenzlauer Berg. It’s still heavy on cafes, music venues, and museums, and it’s also home to new parents and university students. Our team is happy to help you focus your campaign to the demographic you’re targeting.

In addition to Wildposting®, we offer other services such as murals, experiential, and ambient advertising. Experiential marketing campaigns transport your message to desired neighborhoods and are suitable for launches, parades, festivals, and special events.

Our skilled team is delighted to offer you a full range of marketing services to best suit your needs in the Berlin area. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or visit our individual product pages to discover more about our extraordinary services.


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Grassroots doesn’t work for us, they work with us. The flexibility and support we receive on behalf of the Hall’s varied presentations is something we’re always grateful for.

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Grassroots has helped make our complex outdoor executions a great success through their constant communication, efficiency, and willingness to test the boundaries.

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Collaborating with Grassroots is a natural reflex. From ideation and implementation, to execution and reporting. They are the kind of professionals we like to partner with.

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I love working with Grassroots not only for their innovation but because I know they care just as much about my campaigns as I do. From the initial planning through to execution, Grassroots always deliver exceptional service, making the whole campaign flow seamlessly.

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Grassroots is an amazing, dedicated and passionate team to work with, they always try to develop innovative and disruptive solutions for our outdoor campaigns. They also have a real sense of flexibility which enables to adapt client’s needs more specifically and ensure qualitative executions.

Katelan Donnelly
Sony Music Canada

Grassroots is extremely collaborative and goes above and beyond to bring our ideas to life. Always quick, flexible and reliable!