28 Jan 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

7 Advertising Mediums that Successfully Promote Small Businesses

Looking for advertising that is effective but still affordable?

Well, look no further because we have multiple advertising mediums that will successfully and inexpensively promote your small business.

There are loads of advertising channels out there, however, not all of them are suitable for small businesses. Traditional forms of advertising tend to be extremely costly, and typically, small businesses have a much lower advertising budget than larger businesses.

Fortunately, with these advertising mediums, you can execute a unique and memorable campaign at a reasonable price. These advertising mediums also pair extremely well together and can all be customized to meet your budget.

Wildposting® Advertising

wildposting advertising

Wildposting® are static prints affixed to outdoor boards. Wildposting® are vibrant, eye-catching, stylish, and bold. Wildposting® are also suitable for any type of brand or company. At Grassroots, we provide multiple Wildposting® sizes to best meet your campaign vision.

A huge beneficial aspect of Wildposting® is that it is extremely customizable. You have flexibility over your campaign length, campaign dates, number of locations, Wildposting® sizes, markets you target, and neighborhoods you reach.

If your store just opened in a new neighborhood, then Wildposting® are an excellent way to welcome yourself to the area. You could have Wildposting® leading up to your store, or your Wildposting® could have your store location listed. Wildposting® can also be utilized for promoting current deals, new products/services and/or sales.

Projection Advertising

projection advertising

Projections are images and/or video clips that are displayed on city walls through the use of a projector. Projections are an excellent way to target the nighttime crowd since it can be viewed all night long.

Projections snatch attention since people are accustomed to staring at a plain brick wall. With Projections, you can target popular strips, bars, restaurants, events, and concerts. You also have the option of utilizing multiple creatives and messages in your Projection.

Projection campaigns offer a ton of creative freedom. It can incorporate 3D mapping, green screens, live-streaming, photo walls, large format gaming, and much more. You could run interactive projection campaigns where people could be featured in the projection creative. Projections could also be used to play brand-themed games and contests.

Chalk Art and Stencil Advertising

Chalk Art and Stencil Advertising

Chalk Art is visuals depicted on the street using chalk as the drawing tool, while Stencils are created by applying chalk to a material with a cut-out design that is placed on the street.

Both Chalk Art and Stencils are graphics illustrated on the street, however Chalk Art tends to be more detailed and elaborate, while Stencils tend to be a symbol or short caption. Chalk Art is more suitable if you want to target a few locations, while Stencils are better suited if you have a simple message that you want blanketed throughout a city or multiple cities.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising is when your marketing message is represented on an automobile. It brings your message to pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising includes mobile billboard trucks, digital billboard trucks, mobile display trucks, and food trucks. If you’re a food or beverage company, then handing out free samples in a food truck is an outstanding way to bring in new customers. With mobile display trucks, you could utilize props to transform the inside of the truck to any scene you want, and you could set up an activation that pedestrians could participate in.

A beneficial aspect of Mobile Vehicle Advertising is that you can drive your message to multiple neighborhoods in one activation. You can even travel across a country with Mobile Vehicle Advertising. There is huge flexibility over where your Mobile Advertising Automobile goes, and the locations can be adjusted throughout the campaign.

Mural Advertising

Mural Advertising

At Grassroots, we offer two variations of Murals. Wall Murals are the traditional form of Murals in which graphics and/or slogans are painted on building walls, bridges, or other surfaces. Vinyl Murals are formed by applying a decorated plastic covering onto a wall.

Murals beautify neighborhoods and add charm to communities. Since a Mural is enormous and surrounded by plain brick, it snatches attention. Murals also frequently get photographed and posted to social media, which increases exposure even more.

Street Team Advertising

Street Team Advertising

Street Teams are people who represent and promote your brand. They bring a face and personality to your brand.

Street Teams can inform the public about your brand and answer any questions. They can hand out product samples, perform product demonstrations, or hand out coupons. Street Teams can also target multiple communities, and they can enter areas where other forms of advertising may not be allowed.

Another advantage of Street Teams is that you can choose their outfit, whether it is an extravagant costume, fancy attire, or a sleek uniform. Street Teams can also wear backpack billboards, which will make them stand out even more and make your message that much more noticeable.

Street Frame Advertising

street frame advertising

Street Frames are 24” by 36” enclosed posters affixed to the exterior of stores. It targets people walking by and into the stores. Street Frames are suitable for any brand, but it is especially well suited if your product is sold at the stores your Street Frames are on.

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