8 Dec 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

7 Ways to Advertise in Toronto Amidst Lockdown

These are unpredictable and challenging times for each and every one of us. Unfortunately, Toronto is experiencing another lockdown, which means most businesses have to close their doors for a second time. Many marketing mediums have been prohibited during these times, which makes it even more challenging to promote businesses. However, there are still creative ways to advertise during lockdown.

Advertising can be used to tell customers you are open for curbside pickup or delivery. You could boost ordering online through your website. Or you could promote a positive message, a holiday greeting, or a virtual event.

If you’re looking for ways to advertise your business during lockdown, here are some solutions…



Wildposting® are customizable, affordable, effective, and stylish. Wildposting® can be seen by pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Even though most places have closed in Toronto, people are still going to work, grocery stores, or just going for walks.

Wildposting® could be posted near your business to inform customers that you are open for curbside or delivery. Typically, people won’t be in a rush while walking, so they’ll have more time to read and comprehend Wildposting®.

We constantly maintain our Wildposting®, and they are visible for the entire campaign duration. So, if you booked a 2-week campaign, then your Wildposting® would be up for every second of those 2 weeks.

tear-away wildpostings

We also offer multiple Wildposting® sizes to best meet your needs. Stacks of posters or 3D objects can also be attached to your Wildposting® to make it snatch more attention.


Mobile Billboards 

mobile billboards 

With Mobile Billboards, you can spread your message to multiple Toronto neighborhoods. Mobile Billboards have a large advertising space, so your message can be seen from far distances.

Mobile Billboards are impossible to ignore since they stand out compared to all the other cars on the street. You can decide which roads we drive on and which areas we park.


Street Frames

street frames 

Street Frames are attention-grabbing, budget-friendly, and they build brand awareness. Street Frames are enclosed posters positioned on the outside of convenience stores. Since convenience stores are still permitted to be open during lockdown, Street Frames are an excellent channel to get your message across. Not only do the customers entering stores observe the Street Frames, but so do the people walking by the stores.




Projections are static clips or video snippets displayed on building walls. Projections catch consumers by surprise and can be viewed all night long.

Since the sun sets much earlier during the winter, projections can start being viewed at around 5 p.m. Projections can be used to promote curbside, delivery, or positive messages. You could also link your projections to social media through hashtags.

scotiagallery projections

For instance, we ran a projection campaign where if people utilized the ScotiaGallery hashtag on Instagram, then their photos could be featured in the ScotiaGallery projections. Linking your projection campaign to social media is a safe and creative way to interact with customers.



Stencils are created by placing a slip with cut-out letters and/or shapes on the pavement and applying chalk to the cut-out design. Stencils are unforgettable and stand out since people are habituated to gazing at plain pavement.

Stencils are best suited for when you have a short message that you want emphasized throughout neighborhoods. Stencils could be used to spread an inspirational message, your logo, your phone number, or your website URL.



Murals attract attention since they are visually pleasing, massive, and usually bounded by plain brick. Murals are especially suitable if you want to promote a positive message or holiday greeting during these unprecedented times. Murals add beauty and charm, so it would be an excellent way to bring joy to neighborhoods.

Chalk Art

chalk art

Chalk Art is art portrayed on the pavement using chalk as the drawing utensil. Like murals, Chalk Art can be used to spread positivity to Toronto communities.

Grassroots has been successfully bringing brands to the streets for over 35 years. With Street Advertising, you can interact with your customers in a safe, but positive, and personal way.