14 Jul 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Advertising Tips for Summer 2022 in Toronto

Advertising in Toronto this summer may still have its obstacles but with our tips you’ll be able to get your message across loud and clear!

Keep it Outdoors

With restrictions still in place, advertising outside ensures that your message is able to be seen by everyone in a comfortable manner. Plus, during the summer, people spend more of their time outdoors soaking up the sun.

At Grassroots, we offer a variety of outdoor advertising mediums such as Wildposting®, street frames, projections, stencils, mobile billboard trucks, street teams, backpack billboards, chalk art, and murals.

Wildposting® come in a variety of sizes and are visible for the entire campaign duration. We also have hundreds of boards across Toronto. Thus, with Wildposting® you’ll effectively be able to reach your Toronto target market.

Mobile Billboard Trucks can bring your message along any Toronto road and park in any Toronto area. Mobile Billboard Trucks also have a massive message space which can be viewed from far distances.

Our Street Frames are affixed to convenience stores so people walking by and into the store will be able to perceive your message. Backpack Billboards can stroll the city streets and enter areas other advertising mediums may not be allowed. You can decorate the Toronto streets with stencils and beautify Toronto walls with Murals.

All of our outdoor advertising mediums are suitable for any brand, event, cause, message, or passion.

Target Popular Hangouts

Aim to place your outdoor advertisements in popular areas with high foot, car, bike, running and rolling blading traffic.

We have Wildposting® boards throughout the downtown Toronto core and along popular walking routes. Projections can be seen all night long and we can display it along restaurant strips to ensure high exposure. Mobile Billboard Trucks can also drive along popular routes throughout Toronto and park by busy parks along with beaches.   

Utilize Vibrant Summer Colors

Your design should celebrate and reflect that it’s summer! Utilizing bright and vibrant color combinations will help you deliver a summery message that’s impossible to ignore.

Minimal Text

People will generally be on the move while viewing your outdoor advertisements, so we highly recommend keeping text to a minimal. Aim to get your message across using the least number of words possible. Images and symbols can be employed to portray your message as appose to words.

Employ Contrasting Elements

Utilizing contrasting elements will help make your design pop and seize attention. It’s especially important to have your text contrast with your background color, so people can easily comprehend your message. Contrast can be formed through variation in color, positioning, size, alignment, typography, emphasis, etc.

Another important consideration is the color of the structure your design will be affixed to. For instance, if you were launching a stencil campaign, the stencil will be placed on pavement which is grey. So, you should avoid using grey in your stencil design because it will blend into the sidewalk and not be as noticeable.

Combining Advertising Mediums

You can combine multiple advertising mediums to help further your reach and exposure. All of our outdoor advertising mediums pair exceptionally well together.

Here are some great advertising medium combinations…

  • Projections merged with Wildposting®
  • Murals linked to Social Media
  • Backpack Billboards combined with Projections
  • Mobile Vehicles linked to Wildposting®
  • Wildposting® merged with Stencils
  • Street Teams and Projections

If you’re interested in launching a mind-blowing Toronto campaign this summer or any summer, then contact one of our sales reps today…