8 Sep 2015

What Are Cling Alls?

It takes a lot of time and effort to probably advertise and market products and services, but finding a unique and innovative way to accomplish this task will make your efforts all the more effective.

That’s one of the reasons we at Grassroots Advertising have come up with our cling alls product! This cost-effective marketing tool is versatile and customizable, which means it’s the perfect addition to your campaign, and it’s the perfect give-away item if you want your target audience to take your message with them.

This article is all about what cling alls are and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Cling Alls 411

Cling alls are a great way for you to distribute your logo far and wide, thereby increasing brand awareness in a crowded marketplace. They’re created by using a lightweight material and attaching a static layer to it so that these cling alls products cling to just about any surface you can think of. When it comes to application, the sky is, as they say, the limit.

Advertising Potential

The reason cling alls are so effective is that you can easily integrate them into your advertising strategy. Typically, you would order significant quantities of these relatively low-cost products and distribute them in a specific focus area to reach your target market. Their static backing means that you can stick them just about anywhere – and they’re easily removable since the backing is a static layer rather than messy adhesive.

Put Them Anywhere

You can stick them on store windows, windshields, and other places since the static layer can stick to just about any surface. If you’re looking to get your message out there and build brand awareness, cling alls are an ideal way to accomplish this task.

Make Them Useful

If you want people to hang on to cling alls, you need to ensure that they contain information that they will find important. Whether it has your contact information, store hours, or deal info, you can include whatever you want on the cling alls so that people keep them and actually put them to use.

Customize Them!

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to help. We specialize in all sorts of marketing strategies and can help you figure out how cling alls can fit into your advertising strategy. Cling alls are the perfect way to take your advertising campaign to the next level! Give our team a call today for a free consultation.