4 Dec 2015

5 Tips For Successful Outdoor Ads

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there are a number of solutions to choose from, all of which offer their own distinct effect: walls, billboards, street furniture, mobile billboards, digital, outdoor projections, street frames, and many more.

The impact of any form of outdoor advertising is massive, but it is also quite challenging, considering that you only have a few seconds to relay a short, meaningful message into the consciousness of a driver, passenger, or pedestrian who may have no interest in your message. But if your advertisement has enough creativity to get past this obstacle, you can be sure that it will have a considerable effect.

Here are a few tips to help in the design of outdoor ads:

    1. Stick to the three-second rule

As mentioned before, the viewing audience for outdoor ads is primarily made up of mobile people going on with their day-to-day activities, which can restrict the viewing time of your message. When designing your message, you must emphasize clarity and focus so the ad intrigues and entertains efficiently. If the creativity is strong, other factors like location, duration of campaign, and media weight will make it extremely successful.

    1. Stick to the 3-7-10 rule

If you get stuck in your design, the 3-7-10 rule can be a good starting point:

      • 3 elements – text, image, logo.
      • 7 words – or less. Message should be succinct and to the point.
      • 10 percent – minimum area occupied by logo so it is easily identifiable

Although it sounds formulaic, this rule can be applied in countless ways to the design of the advertisement. The best design depends on the creativity of the designer.

    1. Choose an instantly recognizable image

The more effective advertisements use an image that can be identified in an instant, such as a singular image, a product shot, or a close-up of an item. This is very important in any type of outdoor advertising medium because it will most likely be viewed in transit.

However, there are exceptions to this use of images, as in the case of a Spectacular or Large Format Super site, where you can use a scenery shot or a detailed image. When designing, keep in mind that the average viewing distance for such sites is 200m.

    1. Make the message readable

Your message must be easily legible at the ideal viewing point, depending on the type of medium. Make sure the following elements are taken care of:

    • Adequate spacing between letters and words (proper kerning and tracking)
    • Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters to improve readability
    • Use the appropriate colour and balanced typeface
    • Ensure 24/7 readability (this may mean lighting your advertisement at night)

Lastly, you should make your outdoor advertisement engaging. You will be competing with not only those in your category but also against everything else that draws the attention and consciousness of your prospects. A great advertisement in an overly busy area may still go overlooked. Think about Times Square – there is so much to see and be stimulated by that it’s difficult to fully absorb anything at all. Ensure that your advertisement is in an area that allows it to stand out and make the impact you desire!