8 Feb 2016

4 Brilliant Print Ads

Each year, advertising agencies from all over the world produce stunning and compelling advertisements for their clients. Print advertising is a unique medium that requires a high level of creativity and the ability to say a lot with very few words.

Creative agencies bring design, photography, and copywriting together to articulate their brand’s core values and product benefits and tap into the emotions of their audiences.

Here are 4 brilliant print ads that deserve a second look. Hopefully, they can provide you with some inspiration in creating your own powerful ads.

  1. Volkswagen Adventures
    The renowned automobile manufacturer produced some of the most brilliant ads when it decided to emphasize the superior performance of its vehicles.
    But rather than simply state facts and figures, they decided to take a simple object, the car key, and use it to represent the possibilities of travel and exploration that their cars provide.
    Designed by Below, Volkswagen’s advertising agency, the ads transform the typical grooves on a key into beautiful landscapes.
    Ford KeySkyline
    Volkswagen Safari
  2. Gun Violence and Its Social Impact
    Gun violence continues to be an issue in many parts of the world. Finding a powerful way to express the need for greater awareness isn’t as easy as it may seem.
    States United to Prevent Gun Violence is a non-profit group that commissioned the creation of the following ad.
    The image of a shooting target imposed with figures of a man, woman, and child beautifully illustrates the far-reaching impact that gun violence has on society. The tagline “Bullets leave bigger holes than you think” only adds to the power of the visual imagery.Gun Violence & Its Social Impact
  3. Really Sugar-Free Candy
    Spanish candy maker Chupa Chups produced one of the most clever and beautiful ads possible for a candy product.
    In order to highlight their sugar-free candy, they commissioned the DDB advertising agency in Spain to create an ad that depicted exactly how sugar-free their products are.
    A line of ants diverts itself from a discarded lollipop. People are used to seeing a piece of candy covered in ants. But when there’s no sugar to be had, the ants simply want nothing to do with it.Sugar-Free Candy
  4. A Man and His Dog
    These Pedigree ads are part of a series that uses similar images of a man alone paired with the same image that includes a dog.
    The ads highlight just how much a canine companion transforms the image, taking the viewer from a sense of loneliness, to the joy that only a dog can bring. Produced by the Almap BBDO agency in Brazil, these ads use one of the most original and effective images seen in print advertising.

A Man And His Dog

Pedigree Ad

These are 4 brilliant print ads that exemplify the ability to express a powerful message with an image and a few simple words. These and other advertisements can help you find new ways to articulate the value you provide to your customers.

With a little creativity and design, you’ll create your own compelling advertisements that bring you closer to your audience.