4 Feb 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Wheat Pasting Advantages and Disadvantages

Shout your message to the streets with wheat pasting…

What is Wheat Pasting?

wheat pasting

Wheat pasting, also known as Wildposting® and fly posting, is when posters are affixed to outdoor boards with the goal of delivering a message to the public. Wildposting® was one of the first forms of advertising, and it continues to be influential today.

Wheat Pasting Advantages

fly posting


A huge advantage of wheat pasting is that it is extremely customizable. You can select the campaign date, campaign length, location numbers, Wildposting® style, and wheat pasting size. With fly posting, you have a lot of creative freedom, and you can execute a campaign that meets your dream.

Cost Effective

Wheat pasting is an affordable and valuable advertising medium. The wheat paste size, campaign locations, and campaign length can all be altered to meet your budget.  Plus, wheat paste posters reach massive audiences, which results in a high return on investment.

Longstanding Visibility

Wheat paste posters are visible for the entire campaign duration. For instance, if you ran a 4-week campaign, then people will be able to view your fly postings for every second of those 4 weeks.

Location Variety

At Grassroots, we offer fly-posting locations all over Canada, the United States, and Europe. With fly posting, your message can reach multiple cities and neighborhoods.

Wheat Pasting Disadvantages

wheat pasting 2

Wildposting® Damage

Since wheat paste posters are outside in public spaces, it is susceptible to being torn or graffitied by people. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this drawback by maintaining the Wildposting®. At Grassroots, our team constantly maintains our fly postings by monitoring and replacing the posters if needed.


Again, since Wildposting® is outside in public space, it can be covered by other people’s Wildposting®. However, this can be resolved by maintaining and checking up on posters, which we do at Grassroots.

Permanent Location 

Another disadvantage of fly posting is that it stays in one place. Whereas lots of other outdoor advertising mediums, such as mobile billboards are able to move and visit multiple places. However, the fly postings could be put up in multiple locations and areas where your target market lives or visits to overcome this issue.

Overall, wheat pasting is an extremely effective advertising medium, and all disadvantages can easily be solved. Fly posting is suitable for all types of brands, businesses, or events. If you’re interested in launching a wheat pasting campaign, then contact us today…