9 Nov 2015

4 Out Of The Box Places To Advertise

Effective brand promotion requires creative thinking. It requires the brand’s marketing team to devise new and different ways to engage potential audiences within their target demographic. Our team has many years’ experience devising creative promotional campaigns, and within this post, we’ll look at four out-of-the box places to advertise products.

    1. In Bathroom Stalls

It’s an area in which we often spend a significant amount of time when out at a bar or restaurant, and so advertising in bathroom stalls can help brands engage a significant number of people on any given evening. Because of the number of people using the bathroom stalls on a daily basis, brands will also likely experience a diverse array of advertisement viewers, helping to expand their product lines.

    1. On Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are still widely used throughout offices across the globe, and companies can boost their brand recognition by handing out branded mouse pads at future trade show events. Because a person might look at their mouse pad regularly throughout the day, this form of advertising also allows the brand to achieve a closer connection with their target audience and provide functionality alongside their branding.

    1. The Floor of Swimming Pools

No matter what part of the country you’re in, there’s no doubt that once the summer hits, you’re looking for a cool body of water to jump into. Brands are now beginning to use this space to promote their products and services.

Business owners are finding they can use the space at the swimming pool floor to highlight their brand logos. These advertisements can be viewed from within the pool and by those overlooking the pool, not in the water, making it exceptionally visible within the busy pool environment.

For those in areas with changing seasons like Toronto and New York, this kind of advertising isn’t limited to only summer. Indoor public pools, or even indoor professional diving pools, offer incredible brand exposure that is guaranteed to reach a large audience.

    1. On People

Some brands are now creating living, breathing billboards for their products by using people to showcase their brand details. Using colourful stamps to place the branding information on the person’s face or body, marketers can ensure their company is noticed and recognized by those within the area. This novel form of advertising is often used at business events in which it’s important to capture and hold attention to the company’s branding over time.

By working with creative thinkers and analysing the full range of promotional options available, brands can maximize their marketing success over time. To learn more about the latest advertising techniques, contact our expert team directly.