6 Mar 2019
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Grassroots’ Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns take consumers by surprise, make a bold statement, and are memorable. They are also extremely fun to execute, have a high return on investment, and represent brands in an exceptionally positive light.

Grassroots has been in the guerrilla marketing business for over 35 years, so we’ve rolled out numerous outstanding and timeless campaigns.

Let’s look at the best guerrilla marketing campaigns we have launched.

Malibu Rum Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Malibu Rum Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

To create a mobile Malibu Bar, we added a bamboo roof, beach sand, surfboards, a photo wall, and a Tiki Bar to our display truck. The Island in the 6ix drove around Toronto with street teams who handed out branded swag.

Tangerine Raptors Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Raptors Tangerine Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

We projected the live game score for the Raptors throughout Toronto during the NBA finals. Different messages would be projected after the game, depending on the outcome.

Pearl Jam Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

pearl jam guerrilla marketing campaign

Pearl Jam promoted their album by running a global AR Wildposting® campaign. Their website displayed a world map with pins of the exact Wildposting® locations and a link to activate an AR lens. We launched the Toronto Wildposting®, and if you pointed your phone lens towards it while using the filter, the waterfalls in the postings would begin to flow.

Tory Lanez Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

tory lanez guerrilla marketing campaign

We set up a giant pink iPod in popular areas throughout Toronto to boost Tory Lanez’s new album.

United Way Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

United Way Benches

Park benches with branded mats were placed throughout Toronto to raise awareness about local poverty and how several people must use benches as beds.

TIFF/ET Canada Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

TIFF/ ET Projection

Passersby posed for pictures taken by reps who acted like paparazzi. The pictures were then streamed to the projections and uploaded to their microsite.

Heineken Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Heineken Truck

A DJ booth along with dancers partied in a Heineken themed display truck right in front of popular nightclubs to interact with the nighttime crowd.

American Ultra Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

America Ultra

Branded rolling papers were applied to the American Ultra posters for people to take for free.

Beefeater Pink Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Beefeater Pink Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

We created an immersive sensory experience by merging a strawberry spraying scent canon with Beefeater Pink projections. Monsters with a 3D strawberry attached to them were also posted throughout Toronto to advertise Beefeater Pink.

Jackass Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


To promote the new Jackass movie, brand ambassadors hit the streets of downtown Toronto with backpack billboards armed with Jackass shot glasses.


Nordstrom Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Nordstrom Hot Coca Truck

A Nordstrom branded truck handed out hot coca to warm up pedestrians while endorsing their brand.

ScotiaGallery Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

ScotiaGallery Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

People’s Instagram photos could be livestreamed to the ScotiaGallery projections if they utilized the hashtag ScotiaGallery.

Tourism Montreal Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Tourism Montreal Bikes

Light-up bicycles drove around Toronto, interacting with the public to promote traveling to Montreal.

Fantastic Beasts Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Fantastic Beasts Mural

A mural with wands attached to it was painted on a high-traffic street to promote the new Fantastic Beasts movie.

Benefit Cosmetics Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Benefit Cosmetics

Makeup-filled loot bags were attached to posters for people to sample.

Love Island Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Love Island Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

A display truck accompanied by brand ambassadors drove around Toronto, boosting Love Island by handing out branded beach balls.

Corona Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Corona Projections

Passersby were projected on city walls while singing karaoke.

Bear Flag Wine Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Bear Flag Wine

Bear heads were attached to street posters to publicize the bear flag wine brand.

Sapporo Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Sapporo Projections

Sensors integrated with projections turned people into Sumo, Geisha, or Samurai, then projected them onto city walls. A short video was then taken and uploaded to the Sapporo Facebook page.

Ikea Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Cardboard boxes were applied to Ikea posters for pedestrians to use for Moving Day in Quebec.

Sephora Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Sephora Chalk Art

A 3D lipstick was drawn on a busy Toronto street to publicize Sephora.

Toyota Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Toyota Projection

People had the opportunity to play a Toyota car racing game that was projected on city walls.

Orange is the New Black Netflix Show Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Netflix Truck

A branded truck drove around the Toronto Pride Parade, increasing hype for the new season of Orange is the New Black. Reps handed out TV-show-themed postcards.

YMCA Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Free yoga mats were attached to posters to promote YMCA fitness.

Molson Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Molson Projection

Participants pushed a button, then had to act on the projected dare to be rewarded with a cider king can.

Holt Renfrew Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Holt Renfrew Truck

Passersby were invited onto a branded display truck to play games and their prizes were Holt Renfrew items.

Sprite Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Sprite was promoting going back to school by attaching free clothes to Wildposting® that people could take.

Pinnacle Vodka Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Pinnacle Vodka Projections

Reps took photos of people, which were then shared on their social media and projected on city buildings.

Nordstrom Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Nordstrom Flower Truck

A Nordstrom-branded truck handed out flowers to pedestrians to welcome Spring while boosting their brand.

TD Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Kites and Frisbees were attached to TD posters for people to take.

ROM Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

ROM Chalk Art

A 3D ROM chalk art exhibit was drawn in front of the museum to attract potential customers.

Open Wine Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

open wine projection

Passersby were engaged by reps to push a button to initiate a projected dice roll, and they could win random prizes onsite.

Stewardship Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Stewardship Ice Cream Truck

A branded Stewardship truck served ice cream and had a recycling-themed iPad game to raise awareness about recycling.

Allegra Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Posters were folded to look like someone was blowing their nose to publicize Allegra.

Toronto Raptors Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

raptors projection

People could text associated keywords into raps1 to instantly watch a projected highlight reel clip of 4 key raptor players.

Roger’s Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


A branded truck handed out ice cream to endorse the Rogers hookup campaign.

XOTo/City of Toronto Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

xoTO Projections

The City of Toronto’s live Twitter feed was projected onto city buildings.

Loblaws Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Loblaws Chalk Art

A 3D Loblaws logo was drawn in front of a Loblaws store to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Skip the Dishes Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns 

Skip the Dishes

Brand ambassadors wore branded billboards and strolled around the Vancouver Pride Parade interacting with attendees.

Sauza Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Sauza Projection

People posed for pictures which were then projected and shared on their social media.

Foodora Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Foodora Truck

A branded Foodora truck handed out free meals to passersby to promote ordering food through Foodora.

Project Winter Survival Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Project Winter Survival

Blankets with printed messages were hung on city streets to raise awareness about homelessness.

AMEX Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

AMEX Projection

Reps took pictures of people which were then projected into an AMEX creative at Nuit Blanche.

Madagascar Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

madagascar movie

To advertise the new Madagascar movie, reps wore billboards and strolled around downtown Toronto interacting with people.

Sculpture Biennale Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Sculpture Biennale

3D plastic posters with molded shelves were set in popular areas, and the public could place everyday objects on the shelves to create an ever-changing sculpture installation.

Nintendo Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Wii Projection

The Wii game Punchout was projected onto city walls, and passersby had the opportunity to play it.

Bosch Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


A display truck was refurnished with Bosch products to offer passersby samples and/or information.

Coors Light Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Coors Light Chalk Art

A 3D beer cooler was drawn on a busy city street to promote the new Coors Light Iced tea.

Strut Wines Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Strut Wine

A red carpet and branded wall were installed throughout the city and pedestrians were invited to walk the red carpet and pose for pictures taken by reps. The pictures were then projected, and partakers were given a coupon for a free wine bottle.

HomeSense Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


A display truck was refurnished with HomeSense products to showcase the brand.

Volkswagen “Art Heist” Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Artist Heist

Photo prints within frames were set onto boards for people to take in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Blackberry Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Passersby were invited onto a branded truck with a DJ booth to fill out a word bubble poster.

Limb Awareness Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Limb Awareness

Chalk art was drawn on a high-traffic street for Limb Awareness Month.

Bacardi Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Bacardi Projections

People posed for pictures which were then projected into a Bacardi creative.

Supergirl Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Mobile projections stimulated Supergirl flying throughout Toronto.

Clover Leaf Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Clover Leaf Food Truck

A branded Clover Leaf truck handed out free food to promote their brand.

Philips Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


People were invited onto a display truck to sample Philips products and drink free hot chocolate.