22 Jul 2022
Posted by: Emily Rieger

9 Exceptional Outdoor Marketing Tactics for Legalized Sports Betting

Searching for outdoor marketing options for legalized sports betting?

Well look no further…

Sports betting apps and events are rapidly gaining popularity in Canada and the United States. At Grassroots Advertising we provide unique and memorable ways to promote sports betting apps and events.

With outdoor advertising, you can reach everyday consumers on their commute to work, school, home, the mall, restaurants, events, etc. Since outdoor advertising cannot be switched off, you can target even the hardest to reach consumers. Outdoor Advertising also snatches attention since people are accustomed to staring at ordinary building walls and pavement.

When planning and executing an outdoor advertising campaign, you have loads of creative freedom and the possibilities are endless. Since sports betting is a fairly new phenomena, outdoor advertising will be the perfect way to inform potential customers and generate awareness.

If you’re interested in promoting your sports betting brand and/or event, then here are 9 effective outdoor advertising solutions….


At Grassroots, we provide a variety of wildposting sizes to best meet our customers’ needs. With wildpostings, you can blanket countless city walls with your message.

We also provide some unique wildposting formats which include tear-away wildpostings, off- the-wall wildpostings and AR wildpostings.

Tear-Away wildpostings are when wildpostings have something attached to them for people to rip off and take with them. Typically, it is stacks of posters that people can tear off, but some businesses have had free samples affixed to their wildpostings. With sports betting, the tear- away wildposting could be of popular players which will entice sport fanatics to take part of the campaign home with them.

As the name implies, off-the-wall wildposting is when an item is attached to the wildposting that helps further deliver the campaign message. Off-the-wall wildpostings snag attention and literally leap off the hoarding.

Grassroots Advertising can also execute Augmented Reality wildposting campaigns which would be an excellent option for sports betting. You could link your wildposting to your sports betting app and encourage participants to download the app.

Interactive Projections

Tap into your creative side’s full potential with interactive projections… At Grassroots, we offer a variety of incredible features for projections such as format gaming, green screens, live-streaming and 3D mapping. To boost sports betting, you could incorporate a game into the projections that links to the sport that is being betted on. You could also have a mock sports bet conducted through the projection, so people can understand how the whole betting process works.

Street Frames

Street Frames are another effective outdoor advertising strategy for sports betting since the frames are mainly placed in convenience stores which sell lotto tickets, so the target market for gambling will be passing the street frames.

Street Teams

A huge beneficial aspect of street teams is they can walk to spots where other advertising mediums may not be allowed. This feature makes street teams extremely suitable for sports betting since the street teams could stand outside or inside sporting events, venues, arenas, etc.

The street teams could also wear sports uniforms which will make them stand out from the crowd while linking to sports betting. The street teams could distribute sports betting swag, coupons, pamphlets, etc. The street teams could also inform people about sports betting while answering any questions passersby have to ask.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing is depicted when a bizarre item is left in an unusual spot with the goal of promoting a brand, event, cause, service, etc. Ambient Marketing campaigns are extremely memorable since the unusual item stands out from everyday scenery. Ambient Marketing also spurs interest as people try to make sense of the distinctive element.

Stencils and Chalk Art

Stencils and/or Chalk Art is another effective outdoor advertising approach since the message is portrayed on plain pavement causing it to seize people’s attention. You could employ stencils to lead people to a sports betting event or have your app name jacket the city streets. The chalk art and/or stencils could also be illustrated outside of sport events which would directly reach potential customers.

Mobile Billboard Truck

With Mobile Billboard trucks, the whole outside the vehicle is your canvas for advertising and messaging. Mobile Vehicle Advertising directly reaches motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The Mobile Billboard Truck could sit in traffic along popular routes or park in busy neighborhoods. The Mobile Billboard Truck could also drive by or park near sport venues, arenas, sports bars, etc.

Mobile Display Truck

With a Mobile Display Truck, you have the entire inside and outside the truck to decorate. You could make the inside of the truck look like a sporting event or set up a game for pedestrians to play.

Backpack Billboards

With Backpack Billboards, you can advertise in areas that other marketing mediums may not be allowed to enter. The Backpack billboards can walk into sporting events or stand outside the events. If you desire to celebrate the legislation of sports betting and educate consumers about the concept, then contact one of your sales reps today…