22 Jul 2022
Posted by: Emily Rieger

How European Flyposting differs from North American Wildposting

Flyposting, also known as wildposting, has been effectively connecting communicates throughout human history. With flyposting and wildposting, your messages can be delivered to people on their commute to work, home, dinner, the gym, venues, etc.

What is European Flyposting

As the name suggests, European Flyposting is when static prints promoting brands, services, events or causes are affixed to surfaces throughout the European market. European Flyposting is most commonly seen in populated cities as opposed to the countryside.

What is North American Wildposting

On the other-hand, North American Wildposting is when posters are applied to structures in North American neighborhoods with the purpose of communicating messages. Like European Flyposting, North American Wildposting is also mostly seen in high traffic cities as opposed to rural areas.

Differences in European Flyposting versus North American Wildposting

Even though flyposting and wildposting mean the same thing, the term flyposting is more commonly used in Europe and wildposting is the more popular term in North America.

Flyposting in Europe does diverge from wildposting in North America. The main differences in European flyposting versus North American wildposting is poster size, printing style, poster material and the surfaces the posters are affixed to.

The sizes of the European fly posters often differ from the size of the North American wild posters. With European flyposting, the fly posters tend to have smaller dimensions while North American wildposting companies offer a variety of sizes and have wild postings up to 40 feet wide.

Typically, fly postings saturate specific spots as opposed to being spread out across many locations. Flyposting packages are often based on number of static prints posted while North American wildposting packages are based on number of locations the posters are at.

The structures that European fly posters are affixed to tend to differ from the surfaces North American wild posters are attached to. European flyposting makes use of many different types of configurations such as poles, streetlamps, rails, barricades, etc. While in North America, the wild postings are mostly affixed to construction hoardings or sides of buildings.

Similarities in European Flyposting versus North American Wildposting

European Flyposting and North American Wildposting both have the same purpose which is to communicate messages to the public. European Flyposting and North American Flyposting effectively advertise for any business, company, event, passion, cause, etc. Both fly posters and wild posters are attached to construction hoardings or side of buildings.

Fly postings and wild postings are also both maintained to ensure they remain in pristine condition.

Pros of European Flyposting

If you desire to effectively reach the European market, then flyposting is the method for you. European fly postings blanket a variety of structures and surfaces in Europe.

Pros of North American Wildposting

If your goal is to target the North American market, then wildposting is the medium for you. A pro of North American wildposting is that you will typically know exactly how many locations your wildposting is on. North American wild postings are posted mostly on flat surfaces such as construction hoardings which will cause less wrinkles in the wild postings.

Cons of European Flyposting

A main con of European Flyposting is since the posters are affixed to a variation of structures, the surface is not always flat, and the poster can sometimes be distorted which can lead to the message being challenging to comprehend.

Fly posters are also usually posted based on number of posters not locations so you may not know how many different spots your posters are at.

Cons of North American Wildposting

For North American wildpostings, the posting surfaces tend to just be construction hoardings or sides of buildings, so there are not as many posting options. Overall, both European Flyposting and North American Wildposting are exceptional advertising methods that will ensure your message is seen by countless communities. At Grassroots, we offer both North American Wildposting services and European Flyposting services. If you’re interested in launching a flyposting and/or wildposting campaign, then contact one of our sales reps today…