Guerrilla Marketing Services Los Angeles

Grassroots Advertising is delighted to provide our guerrilla marketing services across the exciting and captivating city of Los Angeles.

As the second-largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles is home to approximately 3.8 million residents and boasts a well-established reputation as the epicenter of the TV and Film industry. With a plethora of renowned attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles is a sought-after destination for tourists worldwide.


Wildposting LA: Crafting the Street Buzz for Your Brand

Wildposting Los Angeles presents a host of advantages in the realm of marketing. This cost-effective approach strategically situates eye-catching posters and ads in high-traffic urban areas, ensuring high visibility and maximum exposure to your target audience. It allows for creative freedom, enabling unique and memorable designs that naturally capture the attention of passersby. This method excels in sparking engagement and curiosity, particularly among younger, discerning demographics.

By strategically placing wildpostings®, you can ensure targeted marketing and authentic brand interactions, while also generating buzz and excitement around your brand. Furthermore, wildpostings® are a flexible and eco-friendly option, capable of complementing other marketing strategies and resonating with local communities, making it a holistic and sustainable choice for enhancing your brand’s visibility and recognition in urban landscapes.


Street Teams are another popular marketing method that provides person-to-person interaction that can’t be beaten. We provide street sampling, human billboards, and costumes. Our brand ambassadors are also trained to explain or demo your product.

Our talented team is pleased to offer you a full scope of marketing services to best suit your needs in the Los Angeles area. With many small, medium, or large upscale events around the city daily, our Projection technology is a fantastic choice for businesses.

Mobile billboards give firms the opportunity to take their message anywhere with them. This medium is fitting for launches, parades, festivals, and special events.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business stand out in Los Angeles!


Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Grassroots doesn’t work for us, they work with us. The flexibility and support we receive on behalf of the Hall’s varied presentations is something we’re always grateful for.

Jungle Media

Grassroots has helped make our complex outdoor executions a great success through their constant communication, efficiency, and willingness to test the boundaries.

MEC Global

Collaborating with Grassroots is a natural reflex. From ideation and implementation, to execution and reporting. They are the kind of professionals we like to partner with.

Havas Media

I love working with Grassroots not only for their innovation but because I know they care just as much about my campaigns as I do. From the initial planning through to execution, Grassroots always deliver exceptional service, making the whole campaign flow seamlessly.

Touché Media

Grassroots is an amazing, dedicated and passionate team to work with, they always try to develop innovative and disruptive solutions for our outdoor campaigns. They also have a real sense of flexibility which enables to adapt client’s needs more specifically and ensure qualitative executions.

Katelan Donnelly
Sony Music Canada

Grassroots is extremely collaborative and goes above and beyond to bring our ideas to life. Always quick, flexible and reliable!