Projections give tremendous flexibility in terms of timing and scope of creative. Your creative can range from a static image, to a fully interactive experience injecting real time motion using green screen technology. They also allow you to promote your brand in unexpected locations, reach large audiences, and remain visible long after the sun has gone down.



Our award-winning Projection Media brings full motion and interactivity to the out-of-home space. Let us help you create an integrated experience that could incorporate the following elements: SMS & Interactive, Green Screens, Street Teams & Collateral Handouts, Photo Walls & Live Streaming, Large format gaming, Sound & Vehicle Branding and 3D Mapping Elements.


Outdoor projections are often used to promote the launch or release of a product, service or event. These illuminated billboards are edgy and captivating, and can easily be tied in with social media elements. With Projection Advertising, an image or video is created and projected at night for extended visibility. They’re an extremely effective medium for targeting the young and affluent, bar crowds, attendees of specific events, and much more.

Projections allow you to make an unforgettable impact on your audience. This form of advertising gives your campaign an element of surprise, and often works best when tied in with Experiential aspects like Street Teams or collateral handouts. When you want to take your projection campaign to the next level, you can incorporate exciting technologies like SMS Triggers, Green Screens, Gamification, Social Media tie-ins and 3D Mapping elements. Please check out our YouTube channel for examples of past campaigns.

Key features of Projection Advertising include:

  • Static slides or video content are both options
  • Possible to deploy under tight timelines, last minute campaigns are very doable
  • Target broad audiences or specific venues
  • Prominent locations in downtown core of city centres
  • Available anywhere, though it depends on local ordinances
  • Flexible content run time – recommended maximum of 5 minutes
  • Element of surprise works to your advantage, makes your message more memorable
  • Size of projection ranges from 15 to 100 feet

Projection Advertising provides an opportunity for customers to become familiar with your brand or message. Grassroots Advertising Inc. has been providing guerilla advertising services for 30 years, and our street credibility in the industry makes us an effective tool to have in your arsenal. Innovations in advertising provide you with endless opportunities to engage your target audience, and we can help you do this in the most effective way.



Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Grassroots doesn’t work for us, they work with us. The flexibility and support we receive on behalf of the Hall’s varied presentations is something we’re always grateful for.

Jungle Media

Grassroots has helped make our complex outdoor executions a great success through their constant communication, efficiency, and willingness to test the boundaries.

MEC Global

Collaborating with Grassroots is a natural reflex. From ideation and implementation, to execution and reporting. They are the kind of professionals we like to partner with.

Havas Media

I love working with Grassroots not only for their innovation but because I know they care just as much about my campaigns as I do. From the initial planning through to execution, Grassroots always deliver exceptional service, making the whole campaign flow seamlessly.

Touché Media

Grassroots is an amazing, dedicated and passionate team to work with, they always try to develop innovative and disruptive solutions for our outdoor campaigns. They also have a real sense of flexibility which enables to adapt client’s needs more specifically and ensure qualitative executions.

Katelan Donnelly
Sony Music Canada

Grassroots is extremely collaborative and goes above and beyond to bring our ideas to life. Always quick, flexible and reliable!