Grassroots Street Frames are “24 x 36” framed posters positioned on the exterior of variety, retail and convenience stores in the busiest core markets across Canada. With over 1200 Frames in our inventory, this inexpensive medium is perfect for both out of home and point of purchase impact. Our Smart Poster option pairs our frames with QR code and NFC capabilities, allowing consumers to seamlessly interact with web based content by scanning their smartphone device.

Street Frame Advertising

Street frame advertising makes simplistic outdoor advertising an effective and engaging ad campaign. Our frames are 24 inches by 36 and are generally placed on the exterior of heavily frequented areas of a city, such as variety or convenience stores, retail locations and malls. Wherever the core of your target market is located, street frame advertising can be too.

We have over 1200 frames available in our inventory, and this cost-effective medium is ideal for out of home advertising and point of purchase impact. This advertising method helps you to directly attract and engage your target audience with eye-catching visuals, and offers you flexibility in how you’d like to display your brand or message. Regardless of the size and reach of your business, street frame advertising has proven to grow revenues and customers, and build brand recognition.

At Grassroots Advertising, we are always looking for ways to take traditional methods and make them innovative and fresh to help you better captivate your audience. If you’re looking to attract your target audience in popular city centers with flexibility and creativity, look no further than our street frame advertising solutions.


Grassroots Advertising has been providing guerilla advertising solutions to businesses in a variety of industries for 30 years. We have gained street credibility in advertising and marketing because we test the limits of a variety of mediums and are committed to coming up with new and innovative ways to showcase your brand or message.

Our award-winning approach has granted us recognition across Canada and the U.S., and our memorable ad campaigns will help you to engage your audience and build your brand. We help you to find simple and effective ways to reach your target audience, generate buzz, and drive traffic to your store, website, event, social media and more.

At Grassroots Advertising, we combine traditional but effective methods with modern tools and techniques, so your advertisement can be as successful as possible. We work with you directly, and provide endless guidance and support from start to finish.

Investing in advertising will help give you a competitive edge and grow your business. As well, our experienced design team is knowledgeable in how to transform ideas into powerful ad campaigns. Our execution of each and every campaign is seamless, and our team is dedicated and passionate about helping you achieve success.

With our street frame advertising solutions, you’ll be able to easily and cost-effectively promote your message in an easily-visible way, ensuring you’ll be able to achieve exposure for your campaign. There are many advertising and marketing options available today, and it’s important to know which will work best for your project or campaign.

If you’re interested in street frame advertising, Grassroots Advertising can help you to create a campaign that works best for you. Contact us today to learn more.



Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Grassroots doesn’t work for us, they work with us. The flexibility and support we receive on behalf of the Hall’s varied presentations is something we’re always grateful for.

Jungle Media

Grassroots has helped make our complex outdoor executions a great success through their constant communication, efficiency, and willingness to test the boundaries.

MEC Global

Collaborating with Grassroots is a natural reflex. From ideation and implementation, to execution and reporting. They are the kind of professionals we like to partner with.

Havas Media

I love working with Grassroots not only for their innovation but because I know they care just as much about my campaigns as I do. From the initial planning through to execution, Grassroots always deliver exceptional service, making the whole campaign flow seamlessly.

Touché Media

Grassroots is an amazing, dedicated and passionate team to work with, they always try to develop innovative and disruptive solutions for our outdoor campaigns. They also have a real sense of flexibility which enables to adapt client’s needs more specifically and ensure qualitative executions.

Katelan Donnelly
Sony Music Canada

Grassroots is extremely collaborative and goes above and beyond to bring our ideas to life. Always quick, flexible and reliable!