24 Sep 2019
Posted by: Emily Rieger

3 Reasons to Utilize Indoor Advertising

At Grassroots, we define indoor advertisements as posters, postcards, flyers, or brochures that are placed in various venues. Indoor advertising is extremely well suited for art shows, concerts, and/or events, but any brand can benefit from it.

Here are 3 amazing advantages of indoor advertising…

Targeted Advertising

With indoor advertising, you can select the areas to focus on based on the stores, restaurants, and/or bars your target market visits. Indoor advertisements can be placed in waiting areas, which makes it more likely for people to observe them. For example, indoor ads could be hung by store checkouts, bathroom sinks, and/or restaurant entrances. If you’re advertising for an event, then indoor ads could be placed in shops all around the event venue.

Wide Coverage

Indoor ads have substantial coverage since they are at numerous locations for consecutive weeks. We have a vast network of venues to ensure maximum exposure for campaigns.

Low Cost

Indoor advertisements reach massive audiences while costing way less than other marketing mediums. The length and size of indoor advertising campaigns can also be adjusted to meet budgets.