30 Apr 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

15 Beneficial Blogs for Businesses Advertising Amidst COVID-19

Advertising during unprecedented times is extremely challenging. Businesses do not aim to offend or upset others when advertising. But it’s difficult to know how to respectively and appropriately advertise amidst COVID-19. One small mistake or miscommunication could result in backlash and blow-ups on social media.

The COVID-19 Crisis is impacting all aspects of life worldwide. It’s shifted business trends, business operations, and consumer priorities. When advertising, you want to communicate sensitively right now but still effectively.

The blog posts below have resourceful considerations and insights on how to handle advertising amidst COVID-19. We hope the blog posts provide some direction for advertising your business.

Adobe Blog Post

Adobe published a helpful blog post explaining the dos and don’ts of advertising during COVID-19. Their dos/don’ts list is based on research they conducted. Adobe advises advertisers to be authentic, to continually revise their creatives, and to evaluate the media outlets consumers are utilizing. Adobe advises against presuming your audience is consuming the same content, and advertisements should not cause panic.

AdParlor Blog Post

AdParlor lists multiple guidelines for advertising amongst COVID-19. They suggest switching up your objective. Your attention should shift from sales and transfer to generating brand awareness or consideration. Messaging should provide comfort, be updated, and focused on problem-solving. Companies should be committing to social responsibility, remaining authentic, and ensuring the public that they are keeping their staff safe. Now is the time to offer customers something novel to do and to experiment with new ad units.

Perfect Search Media Blog Post

Perfect Search Media lays out the current changes and provides marketing guidelines on how to deal with those changes. They suggest focusing on brand awareness and other parts of the sales funnel. Advertising should be done in a way that’s sensitive and responsive. You should frequently evaluate the environment and be adaptable to change.

Entrepreneur Blog Post

In a blog post, Entrepreneur provides 5 critical considerations for advertisers during the COVID-19 Crisis. One of the considerations includes understanding that people are worried about their health and finances right now. A way to help diminish this fear is to offer special pricing programs. Entrepreneur also points out that shoppers are focused on the basics right now, and people expect businesses to do their part.

Martech Advisor Blog Post

In a blog post, Martech Advisor presents beneficial marketing strategies for these times. Their tips include moving your brand online, strengthening customer relationships, infusing empathy into marketing communications, and acting helpful towards customers. 

WordStream Blog Post

WordStream has published a blog post with valuable and detailed guidelines for copywriting amongst COVID-19 Crisis. They’ve provided strategies for staying sensitive, ensuring accuracy, modifying offers, and ways to keep track. One of their tips include having a positive, caring tone and to avoid being humorous or casual.

Google Blog Post

Google has provided resourceful considerations for advertising during these unprecedented times. Their guidelines include evaluating context and tone, carefully examining assets, considering if messages are useful, communicating business changes, and staying relevant to local conditions.

Inc Blog Post

Inc provided tips for mindful marketing. They suggest evaluating the imagery and language used in advertisements. For instance, do not utilize graphics with people in large crowds. They also advise against spreading fear or panic.

The Next Web Blog Post

The Next Web has listed instructions for marketing during the COVID-19 era. Their guidelines include utilizing social media, focusing on thought leadership, and supporting the community.

Influencer Marketing Hub Blog Post

Influencer Marketing Hub advocates that businesses should act ethically, provide useful content, and help out when they can. Whether it’s altering production lines or donating to charities. You should also ensure the facts are accurate before making public announcements.

MailChimp Blog Post

MailChimp advocates that businesses should focus on strengthening relationships with the community. Companies should be resourceful and keep consumers updated.

Amplified Digital Agency Blog Post

Amplified Digital Agency has posted suggestions for advertising amongst COVID-19. Businesses should advertise with a purpose, and creatives should be altered to reflect the “new normal”. Companies should also direct their attention towards helping and not selling.

WordStream Blog Post

WordStream published another beneficial blog post laying out Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies. Some of their guidelines are to build online brand awareness, test new ad creatives, test engagement with custom audiences, and focus on remarketing campaigns.

Klaviyo Blog Post

In a blog post, Klaviyo provides insightful guidelines on how to communicate with empathy and how to effectively get your message across. They suggest only providing useful information when communicating company updates to customers. Businesses should emphasize the ways they are giving back to the community. Automation should be revisited and revised to reflect the current situation. They also advocate finding ways to spread joy to your customers if it fits your brand.

Business 2 Community Blog Post

Business 2 Community has laid out marketing strategies for these unprecedented times. They recommend maintaining brand awareness and continuing to update your social media accounts.