7 Aug 2015

5 Advantages to Wildposting®

Wildposting® is a form of advertising that has been increasingly gaining attention over the last half-decade and while you may not know it, chances are you’ve been exposed to it in downtown areas or entertainment districts around your town.

So what is it? Wildposting® is what they call many of the same, or similar, posters put together as a collage on a street-level wall or building. Usually, these walls must be rented for the sole purpose of advertisement.

However, Wildposting® isn’t just a way to advertise to your local crowd. If you go through Grassroots Advertising, you can advertise in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, Quebec City, Ottawa, and major cities where Wildposting® is legal and beneficial to your business.

Although most people don’t readily know what Wildposting® is, those who live in large metropolises have no doubt been successfully exposed to this kind of branding. But what can this really do for your business? How does Wildposting® work?

  1. Wildposting® is usually eye level with walkers and cyclists, making your ads more likely to be noticed by passersby than.
  2. These ads are proven to be a successful method of marketing. Studies show that Wildposting® with QPC codes unique to the campaigns showed a higher level of consumer follow-up than newspaper or print ads.
  3. You can put out many of the same posters or posters with the same message on a wall space, helping you reach a varied audience. While one person may not have been interested enough to read the text-based poster, the graphic one directly beside it with the same message might be enough to catch their eye.
  4. Renting wall space is usually easy and you can approach nearly any business with the option. However, for those looking to Wildposting® on a grand scale, an advertising company is your best bet for running a successful campaign.
  5. Wildposting® costs much less than other forms of advertisement while still being equally, or more, effective. Since it’s a relatively underused form of media, the price per campaign is less than it would be through other avenues.

Wildposting® is definitely a great way to make a statement. The simple fact that Wildposting® is created with nothing more than paper posters makes it much less costly than other forms of advertisement, yet it still reaches a large enough audience and makes a clear statement.

For more advice on how to throw a killer Wildposting® campaign, connect with the Grassroots team today!