23 Oct 2015

6 Steps To Launching A Successful Advertising Campaign

Launching your own advertising campaign is a process that requires thorough planning. Coming up with a strategic and ultimately attractive marketing plan is necessary to finding good ROI for both your time on the project and the ad spend itself. Identifying your goals and acknowledging your competitors should all be part of the planning process. It is also wise to consider what methods of advertising are the best suitable for your business. At Grassroots in Wildposting®Toronto, We love Wildposting® and perform it all over NYC (Wildposting®), and the rest of North America and Europe!

Remember that strong advertising is what reels the customers in, even more so than the product or services. Good advertising answers any questions that interested persons might have. It makes whatever you are selling interesting to anyone whom might already be showing enthusiasm or have a need for what you are advertising.

The right advertising methods have the potential to expand your business and pull in more profit than originally expected, but what actually goes into these campaigns that makes them more successful than a competitor’s?

The Step-by-Step Process


1. Define your advertising budget.

Knowing your budget and then working within it rather than constantly readjusting it is wise whenever you are planning an advertisement campaign. Based on your allowance, decide what advertising method will get your message the farthest for the lowest price possible.

However, there is something to be said for the “you have to spend money to make money” mentality. Lowering your budget in other areas of your business in order to increase your available ad spend will help get your message in front of more people in your target demographic and ultimately bring in more revenue for your company.

2. Consider your target audience.

Once you figure out who makes up the majority of your audience, you can easily decide on an advertising method. For example, if your target audience is mostly made up of stay-at-home mothers, Wildposting® campaigns near parks or children’s stores may be your best choice.

3. Evaluate all of your advertising options with your budget in mind.

The Internet, mail, print, and video are all popular forms of advertisement. Certain methods of advertisement are much cheaper than others, but that doesn’t mean that they will be effective for your business.

4. If you already have advertisement campaigns out there, try to stick to a level of consistency.

This will only give your audience something to remember you by or to associate your brand with. For instance, you could stick with the same background music or the same narrator if you were working with televised advertisements in the past.

5. Decide on the frequency at which you would like the ad to run.

For televised advertisements, you will need to think about an appropriate time for the commercial to run. The objective is to reach your target audience so consider the timeframes in which the advertisement would better reach them.

6. Make sure that your advertisement, regardless of its form- is catchy, to the point, easy to understand, and entertaining.

No matter how unique and useful your business is, you won’t be nearly as successful as you could be unless you utilize proper advertising avenues to execute a great campaign. For more information on creating an awesome ad campaign, talk to the Grassroots team today!