9 Oct 2015

Cost Effective Guerilla Strategies

Guerrilla marketing strategies begin as innovative concepts that are executed to help a brand gain attention through unconventional advertisement campaigns. These hard-to-miss marketing schemes prevent businesses from spending more than they can afford on brand promotion while still making a large impression. In fact, guerilla strategies not only save a company from financial despair, but they also have the potential of drawing in a worldwide audience online.

Perhaps the nonconformist approach often associated with guerilla marketing is what grabs the audience’s attention so easily. These strategies can be carried out in countless ways; some guerilla strategies are more popular than others. Of course, many companies choose to come up with their own unique guerilla advertisement campaign, but the best way to make the biggest impact is the same way you’d get any job done correctly: consult the professionals.

Favoured Guerilla Strategies

You may have already witnessed numerous companies advertising with the most successful forms of guerilla strategies. No matter how much a business profits, there are always clever ways to carry out a profitable campaign without dipping too heavily into the company’s budget.

So what are some of the most common and least expensive forms of guerilla strategies?

  • Wildposting®
  • Backpack Billboards
  • Experiential Advertising
  • Outdoor Projection Advertising
  • Indoor Advertising Strategies
  • Street Frames
  • Chalk Art
  • Mobile Billboards
  • Street Teams
  • Street Wash Stencils

Not surprisingly, one of these inexpensive advertising tactics is better known as the “original outdoor medium.” Wildposting® remains a favourable method in highly trafficked areas across the world, and depending on the image and message being conveyed, it has an easy ability to be shared socially online and can even go viral if it strikes the right chord with your target audience.

It’s an extremely inexpensive strategy that grabs attention immediately, and seeing as it’s hard to overlook such a repetitive depiction, all those passing by will surely remember the promotion of your brand.

Why Street Art Is Associated with Guerilla Marketing

In more recent years, street art has become increasingly popular. The strong interest in public graphics has created even more opportunity for efficient guerilla strategies. Legal graffiti, chalk art, street wash stencils, mobile billboards, and outdoor projections are all minimal-cost advertising options that rely on busy streets and creativity to gain publicity for a brand.

By taking advantage of multiple guerilla strategies, you can create a strong marketing campaign that will leave a lasting impression. Regardless of the money your business currently brings in, promoting your brand through advertisement is something that must continue if you wish to steadily expand your profit margin and growth.