16 Oct 2015

Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Ideas For 2016

While we still have a little time left in 2015, the Grassroots team is already looking towards the New Year for inspiration and new promotional ideas.

Marketing is a worldwide form of exposing a brand. It is important that these strategies and campaigns are done in a manner that will make an impression on the viewer! No company wants to spend billable hours on a campaign that doesn’t provide a valuable ROI, but companies can face a hardship with overspending when they aren’t paying close attention to the efficiency of the ad methods they’ve chosen.

Out-of-the box marketing methods are usually referred to as guerrilla marketing strategies; tactics that can be anything which helps to promote your brand at little to no cost. While this is largely an incredibly unconventional form of advertisement, it is often more effective than other avenues.


2015 brought upon many different guerrilla strategies that went viral worldwide. For instance, Coca-Cola came out with the “Share a Coke” campaign which encouraged their consumers to share their signature drink with particular people by using familiar names on the packaging. This form of personalization proved successful not only in sales but also in the volume of social shares that the initiative saw.

Personalizing your campaign is a sure-fire way to grab attention, but finding a way to execute it is tricky as it has to address your target audience appropriately. The simplest way to personalize an online campaign when sending out bulk advertisements through email or text is to personalize it by addressing the customer by name. Send them news about products and services that coincide with their interests to increase their intrigue.

Let It Be Known You Are Thankful

Earning your consumers’ loyalty was a marketing tactic that was widely used this year. A lot of companies use loyalty and reward cards, helping their customers earn free products, cheaper fuel, and other perks. This encouraged customers to spend more and to stay loyal to your business while showing a level of appreciation for their purchases and dedication to the company.

Handing out gift cards, throwing contests, starting a reward system, or offering dedicated consumers special discounts are all great ways to show that you’re thankful for their business and to create brand loyalty. Something as simple as adding a discount code to your Wildposting® could create enough appreciation for a customer to later make a purchase they otherwise wouldn’t have.

3D Art Advertising and Creative Installations

3D advertising became increasingly popular over the past few years, but saw a new peak in 2015. If you live in a metropolis, you may have noticed 3D chalk drawings advertising products or brands, or stationary forms of advertisements that immediately caught your eye thanks to a new level of creativity. Kinko’s did a great job of this when they had an oversized replica of a white-out bottle placed in the streets of New York City to market their products, while Mr. Clean used crosswalk art to assist their marketing campaign.

Grassroots is always working towards interaction with the consumer in order to create a memorable experience. Backpack billboards with street ambassadors can be very effective – especially with sampling and survey options. Projection campaigns that employ gamification elements are also fun and often go viral. Wilpostings that include takeaways are always fun and memorable.

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