28 Oct 2016

Are Billboards The Right Option For Small Businesses?

Traditional billboards can be an effective marketing medium – however, for many businesses, non-traditional billboards are a more engaging and cost-effective option. Some of the most popular non-traditional billboards include:

  • Backpack billboards
  • Mobile billboard vehicles
  • Human billboard advertising

Companies that have limited marketing dollars at their disposal could get better results using different routes than traditional billboards. As well, medium-large companies can benefit from non-traditional billboards to engage consumers in a new and exciting way. Read on to learn more about how your business would benefit from other forms of billboard advertising.

Go where your customers are

Stationary billboards by the side of the road have a limited reach. As well, many people are accustomed to seeing a stationary billboard, so it’s easy to ignore. With mobile billboards, human billboards and backpack billboards, for example, you can go where your customers are, and you are unlimited in the ground you can cover. You can get your car branded with a wrap that contains whatever marketing message or logo you want, or walk around a popular city centre drumming up interest and speaking directly with your target audience.

Personalized advertising

With a traditional billboard, it can be difficult to reach out to the various demographics that are interested in your products or services. This personalization deficit may make traditional billboards unappealing. Through human billboards, for example, you will be able to combine human interaction and effective marketing. Human billboards, backpack billboards, and mobile billboards are hard to ignore and make it easy for you to directly reach your audience.

Cost savings

It can cost thousands of dollars a month to put up a traditional billboard, which means that many small businesses simply would not be able to justify such an expense from a return-on-investment perspective. While some businesses may be able to make the numbers work, many will need to consider other ways to drum up interest and attract customers. While traditional billboards can provide a great way to market, you should consider alternatives if you’re operating a small business. Non-traditional billboard advertising will ensure you get the most out of your advertising dollars.