25 Jul 2016

Looking For Billboard Inspiration? Check Out These 8 Incredible Ads

Creating a billboard for your company takes work. You have to come up with the right idea to grab people’s attention as they’re walking or driving by. You only have a few seconds to retain a passerby’s attention, so how do you do it? For inspiration for your next billboard, check out these eight incredible ads:

  1. This billboard for the Calgary International Film Festival actually cries. This ad is not only showing emotions, but it’s eliciting them too.
  2. This Chevrolet ad is interactive and gives people something they want: free money. Yes, it’s pennies, which we don’t use in Canada anymore, but this billboard gets people talking.
  3. This billboard is disturbing because it highlights a problem many people are quick to ignore. However, this ad for Women’s Aid tugs at your heartstrings effectively enough to raise awareness for a very serious issue.
  4. Although technically not an affixed billboard, here’s one we created for Hockey Night In Canada. Outdoor projections are a form of billboard advertising that blends digital technology with traditional mediums (in this case, a brick wall). This type of billboard stands out and doesn’t go unnoticed.
  5. Sometimes all you need is a little magic. Billboards with optical illusions are eye-catching and make passersby take notice. This ad for the Quebec Magic Festival plays tricks on the eyes while promoting the event.
  6. If you can make your audience part of the message, you will have a billboard that not only stands out but is interactive too. This ad for The Economist features a light bulb that illuminates when people walk under it. Using sensors, the billboard detects movement and lets the audience participate in the ad.
  7. When it comes to your billboard, you should take a big bite like this ad for a toothpaste that builds strong teeth. This ad works tenfold because it backs up the claim made by the product by showing you just how strong this toothpaste is.
  8. When Panasonic decided they wanted to make a big splash with their nose hair trimmer, they chose billboards that went above the norm. These ads were built around actual electrical wires.

You never know when inspiration for your next billboard will hit. Luckily, we do. Contact us and we’ll create eye-catching ads that’ll have people talking.