25 Feb 2016

How Chalk Art Benefits Your Business

It seems like the opportunities for digital advertising are endless these days, and the competition can be stiff. Many companies are now getting more creative and putting non-traditional, non-digital advertising methods to use. Creating advertisements that are unique and stand out is a great way to gain new customers and continue to build your business.

Chalk art is a great way to catch the eye of passersby. Street art has long been the domain of graffiti artists, but many business owners are beginning to use it for advertising and announcements.

Chalk artists can create amazing images. For a larger budget, commissioning a chalk artist to create your advertisement will definitely attract new business and get people talking. Chalk art can become a work of real art.

The fact that chalk is temporary can actually be a positive thing. With advertising, it’s so important to keep everything fresh and innovative. Chalk art gives you lots of opportunities to change things up and will push you and your colleagues to think of new advertising ideas and strategies.

Chalk art can also be used to create customer interaction. By including a hashtag in the same vicinity as the chalk art, social sharing is encouraged. We recently executed a campaign to promote Kat Von D’s line of makeup at Sephora. Our chalk artist drew a 3D floating lipstick with the hashtags #KVDLOOK #SEPHORACANADA placed next to it. Passersby had lots of fun posting photos of themselves next to the lipstick and even riding it like a hoverboard.

Chalk art is definitely a playful way of advertising. Part of the fun is that it can catch people off guard, adding some fun to a daily commute or walk downtown. It can give your business a more youthful, vibrant energy. Chalk art can run the gamut from functional advertising to spectacular works of art. If you want to promote your business in a bold, fun, and exciting way, reach for the chalk!

Chalk art certainly isn’t the only method to gain exposure in the wild. Wildposting®, or wheatpasting, is also an excellent option. Contact us for more info on chalk art and more now!