18 Dec 2015

Awesome Examples Of Chalk Illusion

Chalk illusions, also known as pavement art, are created using a projection called anamorphosis. The illusions are drawn in a distorted way that seems normal when viewed from the right angle.

How it is created

This style of art is produced by capturing a photograph of a setting or object at a sharp angle, placing a grid over the photo, placing another elongated grid on the footpath based on a particular perspective, and reproducing the exact contents of one into the other – one section at a time.

The reason this works extraordinarily well for advertising purposes is because you’re giving your audience something interesting and entertaining. They’re seeing first and foremost a piece of art, not a company who is trying to sell its service or product. This delayed realization that the pieces are actually ads helps gain and hold attention and makes it more likely that the viewer will share the image socially. This gets your message not only to the people who are immediately looking at the ad but to their entire online social reach as well.

Here are some amazing examples of chalk art done right:

“An accident at the railway station”

Accident At Railway Station

“Open a Bottle Today”

Open A Bottle Today