27 May 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Creative Campaigns and Contributions Amongst COVID-19

Creativity is a beautiful thing. These are challenging and unprecedented times, but people have been thinking of unique ways to help one another, work together, and spread positivity. Companies are creating inspirational and interactive campaigns to entertain and connect us. Here are a handful of creative campaigns and contributions generated amongst the COVID-19 crisis.

A Cart Apart Commercial

No Frills has thought of an amusing way to get important messages across. They released a catchy commercial called A Cart Apart, which promotes social distancing along with safety guidelines for shopping.

Hearts & Smiles Campaign

Rogers Sports and Media launched the Heart and Smiles campaign to raise money for protective equipment for healthcare workers. Through the sale of t-shirts and masks, Heart and Smiles raised money for the Frontline Fund, which supplies resources to healthcare workers across Canada.

Public Artwork

The National Gallery and Ocean Outdoor collaborated to bring artwork from the closed museum to the streets for the public to enjoy.

Holiday for Heroes Campaign

CIBC is running the Holiday for Heroes campaign, which provides vacations to healthcare workers. People have the opportunity to nominate their favorite healthcare workers to receive travel vouchers.

Canada Takeout Day

Canada Takeout has designated Wednesdays as a national Takeout Day to support local restaurants and ensure they stay open during these challenging times.

Happy Every Day Promotion

Happy Every Day is a promotion launched by Air miles to reward Canadians for staying at home. Happy Every Day provides daily doses of entertainment, such as digital performances and live events.

Bake Happy Together Campaign

Gay Lea launched the Bake Happy Together campaign, which is creating and delivering baking kits to frontline workers along with families.

Joy Givers Campaign

Lay’s is running the Joy Givers campaign, which is encouraging people to share stories about individuals bringing happiness to their communities. Lay’s will donate $50 to Feeding America for each post about people bringing joy.

Thank a Real-Life Hero for Free Promotion has launched the Thank a Real-Life Hero for Free promotion. This amazing initiative offers people the opportunity to thank healthcare workers by sending them greeting cards.

Stronger Together Concert 

All over the world, musicians have been livestreaming concerts from their homes to entertain fans. For instance, multiple musicians and celebrities launched the Stronger Together concert which raised money for Canadian food banks. Stronger Together gave artists a chance to perform while amusing people and creating awareness for social distancing.

Britain Get Talking Campaign

For Mental Health Awareness Week, ITV ran the Britain Get Talking campaign. This initiative encouraged people to reach out and check in with others even beyond their inner circle.

Honor Heroes Campaign

Artists in the Adobe community came together to launch Honor Heroes, which is a series of art pieces celebrating the heroes who are helping us get through these difficult times.

Stay at Home Humans of Genius Campaign

Budlight is running Stay at Home Humans of Genius, which is a series of videos saluting people who are adding a little delight to quarantining by performing activities such as singing from balconies.

Share the Care Campaign

Nivea has launched the Share the Care campaign to inspire people to help others during these challenging times.

Come Back Stronger

Clear is running the Come Back Stronger campaign to motivate people to turn this adversity into something positive by joining their 14 Days Resilience Challenge.

Dad On Campaign

Dove Men Care is running the Dad On initiative, which is donating money and providing resources for Dads.

Social Distancing Whopper

Burger King Italy has created a social distancing whopper which is loaded with onions to make others stay away.

social distancing whopper final hed 2020

Giants Initiative

Brawny has started the Giants Initiative, which is a community involvement to nominate individuals who are taking action amongst COVID-19.

Graduation Wall

Sleepy Eye Public School put pictures of their graduating class on a public billboard to celebrate the students since they are unable to have a graduation ceremony.

Together Even When We’re Apart Campaign

Lastly, we collaborated with Partial Gallery and Labour of Love to launch Together Even When We’re Apart. This inspirational initiative is beautifying the Toronto streets while connecting local artists with local businesses.

together even when were apart 2