19 Dec 2016

Benefits Of Using A Flash Mob To Create Brand Awareness

If you’re mulling over different ways to promote your brand, you might want to consider flash mobs. There’s a whole lot of competition out there for the eyes and ears of consumers, so any competitive advantage you can get is worth considering.

Flash mobs are composed of groups of people who converge on a specific area and perform some sort of activity, such as a dance routine, in a way that looks spontaneous.

Of course, a flash mob requires planning to get it right, preparation to ensure that you have permission to stage a flash mob in the area you want, and enough people to pull it off. For some inspiration, go to YouTube and search “flash mobs” to see examples of how it’s done. But be sure to read on for the benefits of using a flash mob to create brand awareness.

  1. InexpensiveWhether you have a marketing budget that is big or small, you can potentially achieve viral status as long as your flash mob is, firstly, properly organized and, secondly, captivating to the senses. If you achieve both of these things, viewers are more likely to favourite it and share it and, before you even know it, you might be revelling in viral marketing success. So, you can, with even a modest budget, achieve the sort of campaign success that gives your brand maximum exposure.
  2. Get People TalkingOne of the benefits of flash mobs is that the really good ones trigger a discussion. When you consider that consumers are bombarded by thousands of advertisements every day, you can understand the importance of making yourself stand out. Besides, flash mob marketing is very social media-friendly, so it makes it easy for viewers to share the videos with their friends and associates. And this, of course, can help to build brand awareness.
  3. Generate BuzzIf you’re preparing for a product or service launch and want to build some momentum leading up to the launch date, then a flash mob strategy can generate immediate buzz. So, consider using a flash mob marketing campaign to build interest ahead of a release date. You’ll be able to reach out to your target market and drum up some much-needed buzz ahead of a launch.

There are multiple benefits of a flash mob to create brand awareness. Again, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to create an effective flash mob marketing campaign. So, plan and execute the right game plan, and reap the benefits.