21 Aug 2019
Posted by: Emily Rieger

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is out-of-the-box, exciting, and memorable. Even the history of the word guerilla marketing is unique. It got its term from guerilla warfare, which is a type of irregular warfare that uses small tactical strategies that have elements of surprise, such as ambushes. Guerilla marketing was inspired by this term since it uses similar tactics but in the marketing world.

Here are 8 reasons why you should launch a guerilla marketing campaign…

Generates Word of Mouth Marketing

People love talking about things that are out of the ordinary, and a guerilla marketing campaign is far from ordinary. Guerilla marketing generates buzz since it is unconventional and creative. This leads to word-of-mouth advertising, and 90% of consumers are more likely to trust and buy from a brand they hear about from people they know.

Targets Emotions

Guerilla marketing campaigns are interactive, high-energy, and target people’s emotions. In turn, emotions have a strong impact on purchasing decisions. Brands that stimulate a greater emotional strength receive 3X as much word of mouth advertising than less emotionally linked brands.

Low Cost

With guerilla marketing, you can get the job done while spending less money to do it. Guerilla marketing still reaches large audiences, it just costs less than traditional forms of advertising, such as TV commercials.

Reaches Target Audience

A huge advantage of guerilla marketing is that you have the freedom to decide on the location and time of your campaign. You can directly reach the places where your target market shops, eats, exercises, etc.


With Guerilla advertising, you can’t switch the channel or turn on ad blocker. Guerilla marketing campaigns appear in unexpected places at unpredictable times, which causes people to remember them since they stand out from a regular day-to-day routine. Since they do not follow rules or structure, people are also less likely to tune it out.

Positive Feedback

Guerilla marketing campaigns typically have very positive feedback from consumers. They give you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers. Plus, they are extremely exciting and fun to execute.

Brand Image

Guerilla advertising helps build your brand’s image. It can make your brand look clever, outgoing, and/or unique. If someone has a fun experience with your campaign, then they are going to translate those positive feelings to your brand.

Viral Marketing

Guerilla marketing campaigns are fascinating to observe and make for great conversation. This leads to people posting and sharing it on their social media.