20 Nov 2015

Latest Trends In Guerilla Marketing

Making sure your business really takes off depends not only on the quality of your product or service but also on how you market yourself. It’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t all about marketing yourself, it is about where you do it and which mediums you choose to target. Companies are increasingly turning to non-traditional advertising mediums and have had to evolve more creative, tech-centric guerrilla advertising methods, especially online, to really penetrate the mass of noise and confusion that is the internet and demand attention from potential customers.

Here are 5 brilliant tactics to jumpstart your guerrilla advertising strategy in 2015:

    1. Take it Mobile

5 years ago, it would have been a bit of hyperbole to suggest that everyone in the world had a smartphone. By 2017, however, studies project the estimated number of smartphone users in the world to reach almost 5.13 Billion. More and more people are using smartphones to access and navigate the internet every day, and businesses need to follow suit by making sure that their websites are optimized to take advantage of this by being completely mobile-friendly.

    1. Make user Experience a Top Priority

Even though, relatively speaking, there will always be more bad websites than good ones, the number of good ones out there is still staggering. User experience is not necessarily about having the most engaging content, there are other factors to consider: the site’s speed, it’s design, navigation, and it’s mobile friendliness can all make or break a user’s experience and ultimately decide whether they return and/or recommend your site to people they know and whether they write you off.

    1. Optimize your Site’s Speed

Google has explicitly stated that your site’s speed is directly linked to where it ranks in search results on the search engine. As bandwidth has increased, today’s browsers have increased the speed at which they are able to load websites, and they refuse to stick around for slow, clunky-loading sites.

    1. Engage your Audience With other Users’ Content

Providing site visitors with additional, useful, relevant information developed by some of your savvier, power users is a great way to exponentially increase the amount of brand-related content your site generates. Having influential members of your user base take over your site’s blog or social media lends authenticity and credibility to your site and encourages audience participation.

    1. Utilize Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming a race for product placement. Sponsored posts on Instagram are still hard to come by and require you to have a sizeable following in place before the app will grant you authorization to it’s advertising network. There is a way around this. Many Instagram power-users have a very thinly guised ulterior motive: attracting enough followers to become commercially viable as advertising and product placement vehicles, and indeed, many of them make a lot of money doing so. Some of these people have organically developed followings of hundreds of thousands of people, and a hashtag like “your site name” could potentially have hundreds of thousands of eyes reading your company’s name or about your product/service.

Stagnant marketing usually spells the death of a business, especially new, unknown quantities born into the current mobile and social media advertising-age. Innovation and improvisation are how you survive in 2015, in business in general and marketing in particular. The old marketing and advertising formulas are being destroyed and reinvented. You have to be able to pick up the pieces and know how to use them to build a business.