15 Mar 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

All you need to know about Outdoor Advertising

What is Outdoor Advertising?

As the name highly suggests, Outdoor Advertising is conveyed when products or services are promoted to the public outside their homes. Outdoor Advertising is best suited when your goal is to promote brands in certain geographic regions.

Outdoor Advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising worldwide, and it continues to expand. Outdoor Advertising effectively delivers messages while generating brand awareness. It is affordable, eye-catching, and memorable.

Pros of Outdoor Advertising

Now that we have an understanding of Outdoor Advertising, here are the benefits of it…

Unable to Switch Off

Individuals have the ability to shut off the majority of advertising mediums. For instance, people can switch the channel when a commercial comes on, they can put on an ad blocker for YouTube videos, or they can switch the station when a radio advertisement comes on.

A huge advantage Outdoor Advertising has over other mediums is that people cannot turn off the outdoor advertisements. Individuals are unable to prevent themselves from viewing it, leading to greater brand awareness and retention. 

Targets Hard to Reach Consumers

Outdoor Advertising campaigns can reach consumers that other advertising mediums are unable to reach. Outdoor advertisements target people on their commute to work, home, stores, events, restaurants, gyms, etc.


When planning and executing an Outdoor Advertising campaign, you have a load of creative freedom. Especially with Guerilla Marketing campaigns, which have little to no rules and restrictions.

Outdoor Advertising campaigns are highly customizable and can be adjusted to exactly meet your vision. You can select the campaign locations, dates, timing, design, etc.


Outdoor Advertising Mediums range in price and scope, however as a whole, Outdoor Advertising is exceptionally cost-effective. Outdoor Advertising campaigns have a high return on investment since they reach vast audiences at a low cost.

Brand Awareness

Outdoor Advertising is exceptional at introducing and familiarizing brands to the public. Typically, on a daily basis, consumers will observe the same outdoor signage on their regular commutes, leading to increased brand knowledge and recall.


With Outdoor Advertising, you can hit exactly where your target market is. You can advertise in areas where your target market lives, works, shops, dines, etc.

Thus, with Outdoor Advertising, you can be confident that your message is directly dispensed to your target market.

Cons of Outdoor Advertising


Weather Conditions

Since Outdoor Advertising occurs outside, weather can impact the campaign. If you were running an outdoor campaign that lasted multiple weeks, then a few days of bad weather would not have much impact, if any.

However, if you’re running a one-day outdoor activation, then weather can strongly impact the campaign’s exposure and success. It can be challenging to predict what the weather will be like on the activation date.

Nevertheless, you can overcome this obstacle by preparing for all environmental conditions. For instance, if you’re running a street team campaign, you could have canopies and umbrellas accessible in case it rains.

Limited Messaging

With Outdoor Advertising, it is essential to keep messages short and concise, so people can read it while on the move. You should focus more on conveying your message through graphics rather than words. Aim to deliver your message in a unique and stylish way without making the advertisement too busy. Your text should also be comprehendible, readable and legible.

For instance, with Wildposting®, your message has to fit on the poster, but the Wildposting® shouldn’t be crammed with text because then it will be exceptionally difficult to read.

Challenging to Measure Campaign Success

It can be a little tricky to measure campaign exposures and results for outdoor advertising. Traffic strolling by an outdoor advertisement can be tracked, but it is more puzzling to tell if people actually observed the ad.

Types of Outdoor Advertising


Billboard Advertising

Billboards are massive outdoor advertisements that are affixed to structures with the goal of boosting brands. Habitually, billboards are displayed in populated areas with lots of cars and/or foot traffic. Billboard Advertising incorporates digital billboards, interactive billboards and augmented reality billboards.

Since billboards are placed in populated communities, billboards have extremely high impressions, leading to brand awareness.

Wildposting® Advertising

wildposting advertising

Wildposting® Advertising is conveyed by attaching posters to outdoor boards to promote messages. Wildposting® is one of the least expensive outdoor advertising mediums, and it is visible for the entire campaign period.

You can put up Wildposting® in areas where your customers live, visit, and/or work. With Wildposting®, you can pick the style, size, campaign length, number of locations, and markets.

Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising is employed when messages endorsing brands are placed on or in public transportation and public transportation areas. This includes all the advertisements on and in buses, subways, taxis, trains, bus shelters, train shelters, and subway stations.

Transit Advertisements reach huge audiences and familiarize riders with your brand. Transit Advertisements can also be observed on a daily basis and are typically in an individual’s direct line of view.

A huge benefit of bus advertisements over subway ads is that buses reach pedestrians, bus users, motorists, and cyclists. Whereas subway advertisements tend to only target people using subways.

Projection Advertising

projection advertising

Projections are video snippets and/or images portrayed on walls through the utilization of a projector. Since people are accustomed to gazing at plain brick, projections spring off walls and seize attention.

Other marketing mediums like social media, street teams and backpack billboards all bond remarkably well with projections. Format gaming, 3D mapping, green screens, and live-streaming can be employed to turn your projection campaign into an extraordinary interactive experience.

Projections are best suited when you want your message flaunted throughout the night. Projections can be exhibited by bars, gyms, restaurants, clubs, concerts, events, etc.

Lamp Post Advertising

As the name implies, lamp post advertising occurs when ads are affixed to outdoor lamp posts. Lamp Post Advertisements can be observed by cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

Lamp post advertisements are weather-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. The lamp post structure can also be incorporated into the banner design.

Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla Advertising employs shocking and distinctive tactics to convey brand messages. Guerilla Advertising targets people’s emotions and can stimulate up to all 5 senses.

With Guerilla Advertising, you can let your creativity soar since you don’t have to follow set rules or instructions. Guerilla Advertising campaigns create memorable brand connections and relationships.

Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising is when messages endorsing brands are placed throughout shopping malls. Mall Advertising includes posters, banners, digital displays, static displays, escalator ads, elevator ads, and door ads.

Mall advertisements are exceptionally fitting when your brand is sold at the mall it is being advertised at.

Mural Advertising

Mural Advertising

Murals are created when art is illustrated on building walls, bridges or ceilings to communicate messages. Murals add charm, beauty, and character to communities. Murals also frequently get photographed, posted on social media, and written about on blogs.

Ambient Advertising

Ambient Advertising is achieved by fastening advertisements onto peculiar objects or in unusual places where people typically wouldn’t see an ad. Ambient Advertising campaigns spark curiosity and fascination while observers are attempting to cognize the campaign’s meaning.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising boosts brands to the public by attaching messages to automobiles. Mobile Vehicle Advertising includes food trucks, mobile billboards, digital billboards and display trucks.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising reaches motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. Mobile trucks can sit in traffic and/or park in populated areas. You can choose the places the mobile vehicle drives to, the roads it takes and the areas it parks. Mobile Vehicles can hit multiple cities, neighborhoods, and communities in just one activation. Mobile Vehicles could even drive across countries, reaching as many towns as you desire.

Cling-Alls Advertising

Cling-Alls Advertising is employed by sticking a lightweight material to outdoor or indoor surfaces. The structure could be bus shelters, poles, building walls, mailboxes, newspaper stands, etc.

A huge benefit of Cling-Alls is that you can adjust the shape, color and size to best represent your brand.

Human Billboard Advertising

Human Billboard Advertising

Advertisements fastened to individuals to spread messages are known as Human Billboard Advertising. Human Billboard Advertising incorporates holding signage, wearing clothing with advertisements, tattooing an advertisement on your body, and sporting items with advertisements.

Human Billboards can interact with the public while distributing coupons, promotional material, and/or samples. With Human Billboards, you can stroll your message right to your customer and human billboards can enter areas where other advertising mediums may not be accepted. Human Billboards can saunter to specific malls, venues, campuses, communities, events, gyms, etc.

Chalk Art and Stencil Marketing

Chalk Art and Stencil Advertising

Stencils are created by setting material with cut-out icons on a pathway and glazing chalk to the design. On the other hand, Chalk Art is formed by utilizing chalk as a drawing tool to illustrate art on the street.

Both Stencils and Chalk Art capture attention, since people are habituated to gawking at plain pavement below them. Stencils are best suited if you have a brief and consistent message you want blanketed throughout communities. Stencils can be utilized to convey phone numbers, logos, URLs, emails, etc.

Bench Advertising

Bench Advertising is portrayed when messages endorsing brands are affixed to city benches. Bench Advertisements are easy to observe at eye level and can be seen by motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

With Bench Advertising, you can target people who take certain routes or buses. The bench structure can also be fused into the advertisement design.

Street Team Advertising

Street Team Advertising

Street Teams are individuals who represent and boost brands to the public. They can share brand knowledge, hand out free samples, conduct product demonstrations, and/or answer brand questions.

Street Frame Marketing

street frame advertising

Street Frames are enclosed posters promoting brands that are fastened to store windows. Street Frames target people walking by the stores as well as the ones going into the stores.

Street Frames are exceptionally fitting when your product is sold at the store the street frame is at. Nevertheless, Street Frames are still suitable for any cause, event, product, service, or artist.

Bridge Advertising

Bridge Advertising is employed when banners boosting products or services are hooked to bridges. Bridge Advertising is extremely fitting if you desire to target motorists and commuters. However, it is best to put up banners on high-traffic bridges to achieve the most exposure.

Outdoor Advertising effectively and efficiently conveys messages to target markets. If you’re interested in launching an outdoor advertising campaign, then contact one of our sales reps today…