10 Sep 2019
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Grassroots’ Top 10 Off the Wall Campaigns

At Grassroots, we define Off the Wall campaigns as Wildposting® that have one or more objects attached to them. The purpose of the item varies from campaign to campaign. Sometimes it’s free samples for pedestrians to take home with them. Other times, the objective is just to make the poster stick out.

Here are our top 10 Off the Wall campaigns…

Beefeater Pink Posters

Beefeater Pink Monsters

Massive strawberries were attached to monster posters to promote Beefeater Pink, which is a strawberry-flavored gin.

American Ultra Posters

American Ultra Poster

To advertise the American Ultra movie, branded rolling papers were applied to Wildposting® for pedestrians to take.

Ikea Moving Day Posters

Ikea Poster

Multiple cardboard boxes were clipped to posters for people to utilize during Moving Day in Quebec.

Benefit Cosmetics Posters

Benefit Cosmetics Poster

To promote Benefit Cosmetics, bags filled with makeup samples were connected to posters for people to use.

Sprite Posters

Sprite Posters

Sprite publicized back to school by clipping free clothing to their Wildposting®.

Volkswagen “Art Heist” Posters

Volkswagen Canada Art Heist Poster

Photo frames were hung on boards for people to take in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

YMCA Posters

YMCA Poster

To promote YMCA, free yoga mats were attached to their Wildposting®.

Sculpture Biennale Posters

Sculpture Biennale Poster

3D plastic posters with molded shelves were set in popular areas, and the public could place everyday items on the shelves to form an ever-changing sculpture installation.

Bear Flag Wine Posters

Bear Flag Wine Poster

Bear heads were attached to monster posters to publicize the bear flag wine brand.

Project Winter Survival Posters

Project Winter Survival Poster  

To raise awareness about homelessness during the winter, blankets with printed messages were hung on boards throughout Toronto.