4 Oct 2018
Posted by: Emily Rieger

How to Design an Effective Projection Display

Projections are a tremendously efficient way to promote your brand since they have high exposure and can incorporate elements of surprise. Projection campaigns create memorable integrated experiences that reach massive audiences all night long. They are also extremely flexible in timing and scope, and they can be displayed in unpredictable locations. Our projection campaigns can incorporate so many exciting elements, like format gaming, live-streaming, 3D mapping elements, and much more.

However, to maximize the effectiveness of a projection campaign, it is essential to project images people notice. Firstly, without home advertising, people have busy lifestyles and low attention spans, so it’s crucial to get your message across quickly before people lose focus. We suggest keeping your image/video loop short and simple. Treat your projection video like a brief TV commercial.

Image 1

Bright Colors used in Projections


Try to make your creative as flashy as possible since it is in an area where there are usually not any advertisements. High color contrast and bright colors are extremely eye-catching when projected on city walls (Image 1).

Image 2

Projections with black and white contrast


Black and white images create excellent contrast and really pop (Image 2). But keep in mind that black doesn’t project and is negative space. So, when black backgrounds are used, it will make your ad look like it’s floating, which can actually be used to your advantage (Image 3).

Image 3

Projections with Black Backgrounds


With projections, you can utilize a static or interactive image with real-time motion. Both types can create very successful campaigns. If you are using a video projection, then you should ensure the clip is 15 seconds or less. Projections also pair well with experiential aspects like street teams or collateral handouts. We highly recommend projections if you are targeting city nightlife, a specific event, or a venue.

Projections are very effective at creating personable experiences and positive images for your brand. So, if you want to launch an unforgettable campaign, then try out projections today!