8 Oct 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Striking Street Advertising Campaigns of Summer 2020

As summer 2020 has come to an end, it’s time to reveal our top Street Advertising campaigns.

Street Advertising is when unconventional marketing methods are utilized to boost brands on the streets. With Street Marketing, you can bring your message directly to customers and stick out from their daily routines.

Street Advertising creates memorable and positive experiences for consumers which they then translate to brands. Street marketing has little to no rules and restrictions, which leads to ultimate creative freedom. Street Advertising also frequently segues to word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing.

Here are our top striking Street Advertising campaigns of summer 2020…

The Boys Street Advertising Campaign

amazon prime the boys 

To create hype for the second season of The Boys, we decorated the Toronto and Vancouver streets with dominations and monsters. The Boys is an Amazon Prime Original about superheroes and is based on the comic book by the same name. The contrasting elements on The Boys Wildposting®, caused it to leap off the boards and attract much attention.

Juice WRLD Street Marketing Campaign  

Juice WRLD

A vibrant mural was painted at 21 Ossington to honor Juice WRLD and promote his posthumous album, Legends Never Die. Juice WRLD mini-monsters accompanied the mural to further increase exposure.

Utopia Street Marketing Campaign

We launched a 3D lenticular wall in the downtown Toronto core to promote Utopia. Utopia is a new television series on Amazon Prime that is about a group of fans working together to save humanity and themselves when they discover that the conspiracy in the Utopia comic is in fact real.

amazon prime utopia

The 3D Utopia wall has been halting traffic and bringing much excitement to Toronto.

Popeyes Street Advertising Campaign  

To boost Popeyes, a massive mural was painted at 21 Ossington in Toronto. The mural depicts the new chicken sandwich, which is now being served at Popeyes in Canada.


The Popeyes mural is watering people’s tastebuds while adding charm to the Queen W/Ossington area. To see how this extraordinary mural came about, watch our video.

If you’re interested in launching a striking street marketing campaign for your brand, then contact us today…