30 Aug 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

How to Execute a Successful Street Teams Campaign

Street Teams bring brands to life by putting a face and adding a personality to brands. Street Teams can answer product questions, spread brand knowledge, hand out coupons and distribute samples. Street Teams form connections with customers while creating positive and memorable experiences.

If you’re interested in executing a Street Teams campaign, then here are our tips on how to do so successfully…

Set Goals

At the very beginning of your planning process, we highly recommend sorting out your goals. Having clear objectives helps you establish your campaign details and streamlines the execution.

Target Market

When choosing target markets, ask yourself…

Where does my target market live?

Where do they exercise?

Where do they eat?

Where do they like to go out?

Where do they work?

Answering these questions will help you determine your campaign location, timing, dates, etc. Having a clear target market and knowing their daily habits will help you launch a successful and effective Street Teams campaign.


The next step is determining the cities and specific locations you would like your Street Teams to visit. The Street Teams could hit multiple spots, walk around zones or stay in the same area. Your Street Team could go to certain plazas, malls, events, parades, bars, gyms, concerts, festivals, farmer markets, offices, etc.


Another essential stage is selecting the timing of the campaign. You need to establish the time of year to launch the campaign along with the time of day and week. Another consideration is if you would like to run one activation or multiple activations. You also need to determine the number of hours for each activation.

When selecting the time of year, you should keep holidays and weather into account. For instance, during the winter there is snow in lots of areas, so your Street Teams would need proper attire if they are outside.

When choosing the day(s) of the week, keep in mind that the weekends would likely have higher traffic at certain landmarks like malls, restaurants, bars, etc.

Also, the time of day is an important factor. Would you like to target the daytime crowd, nighttime crowd or both?

Thus, it’s essential to know your target market before sorting out your campaign timing since your target market will establish all these details.

Stylize your Street Teams

Providing uniforms for Street Teams will help them stand out and snatch attention in a crowd. Your Street Teams could wear matching outfits, branded shirts, costumes, etc. The more elaborate the costume, the more they’ll stand out to others and potential customers.

Product Knowledge

Your Street Team should be prepared to represent your brand and answer brand inquiries. We highly advise providing your Street Teams with answers to commonly asked questions. Your Street Team should also be given product/service details and understand your brand image.

Depending on your brand, we strongly suggest distributing product samples to your Street Team so they can try it out themselves. This way, they can accurately tell people about their experience with your brand and what the product is like. If they really like your product then it will make them more enthusiastic and passionate about it which will lead to better campaign results.

Personable and Professional Personalities   

When selecting Street Teams, we recommend choosing people who are personable and professional. You would want people who are not afraid to start conversations with strangers. The Street Teams should also be respectful and polite to everyone they talk to since they are representing your brand.

If a Street Team behaves negatively towards people, then those negative emotions will likely translate to your brand. Thus, it’s imperative to have professional, courteous and friendly Street Teams.


Another detail that should be sorted out is transportation. You should determine how your Street Team will get to the campaign location whether you’ll provide a car, bus, taxi, Uber, etc.

If your Street Team needs to go to multiple locations in one activation, then plan how they’ll get from one spot to the other.


Once all your campaign details are concluded, the final step in the Street Team planning process is execution. You could book Street Teams through an agency or use your own employees.

If you’re interested in launching a Street Team campaign, then contact one of our sales reps today…