18 Nov 2020
Posted by: Emily Rieger

How to Take your Street Team to the Next Level

Bring your brand to life with Street Team Advertising…

What is Street Team Advertising?

Street Team Advertising is when individuals promote a product, service, or event to the public.  Street Team Marketing creates brand awareness, builds brand relationships, and fosters brand loyalty. Street Teams are also a cost-effective strategy since they can reach crowds in a short timeframe.

Street Teams are suitable for any brand, product, service, or event. However, Street Teams are exceptionally fitting for creating hype for a new product launch.

A Street Team can strike up conversations with potential customers while viewing their reactions to your brand. They effectively deliver messages in a personal and unforgettable way.

With Street Teams, customers can learn and have their questions answered about your brand. Street Teams develop connections while creating positive emotions, which customers will then translate to your brand.

Street Team Advertising Examples

To help you further understand Street Teams, here are some examples…

Touirsme Montreal

Tourisme Montreal Street Team

We launched a campaign for Tourisme Montreal where our Street Team pedaled around Toronto on lit-up bicycles. The Street Team interacted with the public while visiting popular downtown areas.

Love Island

Love Island Street Team

To announce Love Island airing in North America, our display truck drove around Toronto, and our Street Team handed out branded beach balls to pedestrians.

Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum Street Team 

A Street Team drove around in a Malibu Bar themed display truck and handed out swag and Malibu Rum samples to the public.

Door Dash

Door Dash Street Team 

Our Street Team informed pedestrians about Door Dash while handing out free coupons.

Tips for Street Team Advertising

Now that we have a better understanding of Street Teams, here are some effective tips for bringing your Street Team campaign to the next level…

Establish Target Market

Before executing a Street Team advertising campaign, we highly recommend establishing your Target Market. Target Markets help determine important campaign details such as locations, campaign dates, etc. For instance, if your Target Market was students, then campuses would be a suitable location to send a Street Team.

Set Objectives

Another essential step that you should execute at the beginning of your planning process is setting your objectives. Objectives will also influence campaign details and help you measure your campaign results.

For example, if your campaign objective was to boost sales, then a Street Team could hand out coupons, and you could measure campaign success by the number of coupons that get expended.


Street Teams can go anywhere you desire. Whether it is a concert, festival, cinema, shopping mall, bar, etc…

Your target market(s) and objective(s) will help determine your locations. We suggest choosing high-traffic areas so that you get the most exposure. A beneficial aspect of Street Teams is that you can target multiple markets, events, conferences, etc.


Before launching a Street Team campaign, you should clarify the message you want the Street Teams to put out. Street Teams should understand the brand objectives and have brand knowledge. Street Teams should also be prepared for typical questions and know what to do in different circumstances.


Another beneficial aspect of Street Team Advertising is that you can choose the wardrobe. Costumes/Uniforms will bring your brand to life and make your Street Team stand out from the crowd.


With Street Teams, you have the freedom to choose the days and times they go out. To maximize coverage, we suggest choosing high-traffic timeframes.


Handing out collateral such as coupons and/or branded swag will create favorable first impressions, which people will then translate to your brand. Plus, if people have swag with your brand on it, then they will be promoting your brand to all their friends and family, which will further your reach.

Product Sampling

Distributing product samples is an extremely effective strategy because you get your product into the hands of potential customers. Consumers will then have the opportunity to try out your product to see if it is suitable for their lifestyle.

Product Demonstrations

If it aligns with your campaign objective and brand, product demonstrations are also highly effective. Street Teams could show your product in action and answer any questions. This provides ultimate product knowledge!

Enthusiastic Street Team

This sounds like a given, but it is crucial to have an enthusiastic, friendly, and approachable Street Team. You want your Street Team to be excited about your brand and comfortable talking to strangers.

Backpack Billboard

Another way to make your Street Team stand out is through Backpack Billboards. Backpack Billboards are impossible to ignore and can even be seen during the nighttime with our lit-up feature.


The weather can change at any given time, and since most Street Team campaigns are outside, you should prepare for any weather circumstances. For instance, you could have a backup canopy or branded umbrellas and raincoats.

Social Media

To further your exposure, you could link your campaign to social media. For example, in order for people to receive free samples, they have to follow/like your brand on social media.

Multifaceted Campaign

At Grassroots, we offer a variety of street advertising services and Street Teams pairs exceptionally well with all of them. If it fits in your budget and aligns with your objectives, then we highly recommend combining Street Teams with other guerilla marketing services such as projections, Wildposting®, mobile trucks, etc.

Molson Street Team

For instance, we ran an interactive projection campaign for Molson where a Street Team ran a game with the public, and if they completed the projected dare, they were rewarded with a cider king can.

Photographer/ Videographer  

Utilizing a photographer/videographer during your campaign will help create exciting pics/clips that can be uploaded to your website and social media accounts. People can then tag themselves or share your posts, which will increase their reach even more.

We have been successfully launching Street Team campaigns for over 35 years. If you’re interested in running a Street Team campaign, then contact us today…