8 Apr 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Pros & Cons of Mobile Vehicle Advertising

What is Mobile Vehicle Advertising?

Mobile Vehicle Advertising employs automobiles to promote brands to the public by affixing advertisements to the vehicles. Mobile Vehicle Advertisements snatch attention since people are habituated to gazing at plain automobiles.

With Mobile Vehicle Marketing, you can bring your message anywhere a road travels and enter areas other advertisements may not be allowed.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising Examples

To help you further understand Mobile Vehicle Advertising, here are some examples…

Love Island Mobile Vehicle Advertising Campaign

love island mobile vehicle advertising

To promote the TV show, Love Island, we launched a Mobile Vehicle Marketing campaign. Our display truck was transformed into a beach scene and it drove around Toronto. Street Teams interacted with pedestrians while distributing branded swag to build buzz.

Stewardship Mobile Vehicle Advertising Campaign

stewardship mobile vehicle advertising

To build awareness about recycling policies, brand ambassadors handed out free ice-cream from a food truck. The brand ambassadors also distributed iPads to pedestrians so they could play a recycling-themed game.

Malibu Rum Mobile Vehicle Advertising Campaign

malibu rum mobile vehicle advertising

We executed a Mobile Vehicle Marketing campaign for Malibu Rum where our display truck was transformed into a Malibu Bar. Complete with surfboards, towels, beach sand, a bamboo roof, photo wall, and a Tiki Bar.

Pros of Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Now that we have an understanding of Mobile Vehicle Advertising, here are some of the perks of it…


An enormous benefit of Mobile Vehicle Marketing is that it is extremely customizable. The truck design, campaign length, locations, and dates can all be altered to meet your goals and budget. Mobile Vehicle Advertising also incorporates a range of auto options such as mobile billboards, digital billboards, food trucks, and display trucks.

High Exposures

Mobile Vehicle Advertisements target pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and buses. You can even reach people inside offices, businesses and homes through windows since the messaging is massive. Mobile Vehicle Trucks can park outside popular events, concerts, venues, and arenas.


Another advantage of Mobile Vehicle Marketing is you can target multiple neighborhoods and cities in just one activation. You have complete freedom over choosing the routes the Mobile Vehicle drives and the areas it parks. You can drive along populated routes and/or sit in traffic.

With Mobile Vehicle Advertising, you could even drive across countries, reaching as many towns as you desire.

Cannot be Blocked

Most advertising mediums can be turned off or blocked. For instance, you can put on ad blocker for YouTube videos or switch the channel when a commercial comes on.

A huge pro of Mobile Vehicle Advertisements is that people cannot block themselves from viewing the ad. Thus, this leads to greater brand awareness, recognition and retention.

Cons of Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Here are some of the obstacles of Mobile Vehicle Marketing…


Mobile Vehicle Advertising is tremendously affordable compared to traditional forms of advertising. However, it can be pricier than other street advertising mediums such as Wildposting®, street frames, stencils, etc.

Challenging to Measure Campaign Success

With Mobile Vehicle Marketing, you can measure the number of cars, cyclists, and pedestrians that went by your ad. However, it can be challenging to measure if they actually comprehended your ad.

Environmental Circumstances

If you’re launching a mobile billboard or digital billboard campaign, then weather won’t have much of an impact. But if you’re executing a food truck or display truck campaign with street teams interacting with the public then weather can influence campaign turnout and success.

Nevertheless, this obstacle can easily be overcome by preparing for all weather circumstances.

Overall, Mobile Vehicle Marketing is extremely successful at boosting brands to the public. If you’re interested in launching a Mobile Vehicle Advertising campaign, then contact us today…