2 Mar 2021
Posted by: Emily Rieger

15 Marvelous Marketing Mediums

Marketing is the process of promoting products and services, while mediums are the channels employed to connect with consumers. Marketing Mediums provide an outlet for communicating messages and help shape brand awareness.

Once you have chosen a message that you want heard, then the next step is selecting the marketing medium to deliver that message.  When choosing a marketing medium, there are several essential aspects to consider, such as cost, scope, and exposure.

Here are 15 marvelous marketing mediums, along with evaluations, so you can confidently choose which one is suitable for you…

Podcast Marketing

A podcast is an audio file that is accessible for downloading via the internet. Podcasts help businesses target new audiences while building familiarity and brand connections.  Podcasts can also lead to word-of-mouth marketing if individuals advocate the podcast to others.

With Podcast Marketing, you can create a podcast show related to your field. However, there are other ways to promote your brand through podcasts if you do not want to commit to executing a whole show. You could appear on someone else’s podcast as a guest star or industry expert. Another option is to purchase commercial time slots on a podcast to boost your brand to their listeners.

Podcasts are an exceptional marketing medium, however, if you decide to create your own podcast channel, it can be extremely time-consuming to generate content and edit podcasts.

Stencil Marketing

stencil marketing

Stencils are generated by placing a fragment of material with cut-out symbols on the street and smearing chalk on the design. Stencils blanket communities and spring off the street since people are accustomed to eyeing the plain pavement below them.

Stencil Marketing is most fitting when you have a brief message you want highlighted throughout neighborhoods. Stencils can be employed to promote logos, phone numbers, emails, hashtags, or website URLs.

A shortcoming of Stencils is that eventually they can start to fade due to weather conditions and people repetitively walking on them. However, this obstacle can be smoothly solved by reapplying the stencil.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, Email Marketing is conveyed when you send out emails to customers to promote brands and/or maintain customer relationships. Email Marketing is exceptional at notifying customers about sales, new products, promotions, and/or new services.

Email Marketing enables you to directly interact with your customers while building connections. Email Marketing has a high ROI since it reaches massive audiences for a low cost. It is also relatively simple to begin, and it is extremely easy to measure campaign results.

However, with Email Marketing, you should be cautious of the number of emails you send to clients. Too many emails can annoy customers and cause them to unsubscribe from all your emails.

Street Team Marketing

Street Team Marketing

Street Team Marketing is exhibited when people promote products, services, or events to the public. Street Teams represent brands and spread desired messages. Street Teams can be utilized to hand out samples, construct demonstrations, and/or answer questions.

A risk with Street Teams is that since they symbolize your brand, if the team behaves negatively towards someone, then that negative action will be associated with your brand. Thus, it’s imperative to choose a Street Team that will positively showcase your brand. You should ensure your Street Team is equipped by providing brand knowledge and answers to frequently asked questions.

Wildposting® Marketing

wildposting marketing

With Wildposting® Marketing, posters affixed to outdoor boards are utilized to convey messages. Wildposting® was one of the first forms of advertising, and it continues to be influential today. It is affordable, eye-catching, and has a large scope.

Wildposting® has 24/7 visibility and will be up for the entire campaign duration. Wildposting® could be put up in neighborhoods where your target market lives, works, and/or visits. You can choose the campaign length, number of locations, Wildposting® size, and Wildposting® cities. Thus, Wildposting® marketing can be adjusted to meet your budget and vision.

A downside of Wildposting® is that it is susceptible to being graffitied or torn since it is in public spaces. However, you can overcome this challenge by monitoring and maintaining your Wildposting®, which we do at Grassroots Advertising.

Product Placement Marketing

Product Placement Marketing occurs when brands are presented in movies and TV shows.  Product Placement builds brand awareness and familiarity. If a movie/show elicits positive emotions for a consumer, then those feelings can translate to your brand. Product Placement can also expose your brand to massive audiences for the foreseeable future.

Conversely, a downside of Product Placement is contingent on the film, it can be tremendously expensive to have your brand featured in it.

Mobile Vehicle Marketing

Mobile Vehicle Marketing

Mobile Vehicle Marketing is expressed when advertisements are fastened to automobiles to promote brands. It incorporates mobile billboards, food trucks, digital billboards, and display trucks. Mobile Vehicle Marketing not only targets other automobiles on the road, but it is also visible to pedestrians and cyclists.

You have complete freedom over the locations the mobile vehicle drives to, the routes it takes, and the places it parks. In just one activation, mobile vehicles can target multiple cities and neighborhoods.

Even though Mobile Vehicle Marketing is affordable, it tends to be more expensive than other OOH marketing mediums such as Wildposting®, stencils, street frames, etc.

Chalk Art Marketing

chalk art marketing

Chalk Art Marketing is portrayed when art is depicted on the street using chalk as the drawing tool. Chalk Art adds charm, beauty, and character to communities. It is stylish, memorable, and attention-grabbing.

Similar to Stencils, Chalk Art is also prone to fading over time due to environmental circumstances and people continuously strolling on it. However, this problem can also be fixed by reapplying the chalk.

Pop-Up Shop Marketing

Pop-Up Shop Marketing is portrayed when short-lived retail ventures appear for brief periods at events, in malls, or on the streets. The length of the Pop-Up Shop varies from activation to activation. It could be open for as little as one hour up to several weeks.

Pop-Up Shop Marketing enables brands to communicate with customers in a unique way without the burden and costs of a store location. Pop-Up Shops generate brand awareness, brand relationships, and brand memories.

However, a downside of this marketing medium is it can be challenging to find the appropriate spot for the pop-up and there could potentially be lots of licensing involved to open the shop.

Street Frame Marketing

street frame marketing

Street Frames are 24” by 36” framed posters boosting brands that are affixed to store windows.

Street Frames are best suited when your product is being sold at the store the Street Frame is at. Nevertheless, Street Frames are still remarkable mediums for any brand, company, event, or cause.

A huge advantage of Street Frames is that they can target people walking by the store, but since they are on the inside of the store, they cannot be graffitied or torn by the public. Thus, Street Frames typically do not need to be maintained or monitored.

Consequently, a disadvantage of Street Frames is that your poster can only be one size, as appose to Wildposting® where you have several size options.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is conveyed through utilizing social media platforms to link with consumers to promote brands and build brand connections. Social Media helps increase website traffic along with brand awareness. Social Media Marketing is also extremely inexpensive to begin and maintain.

With Social Media, you can generate conversations with potential customers while growing trust and relationships. Social Media can also be employed for customer service and answering consumer questions.

Conversely, a drawback of Social Media Marketing is that negative comments and feedback can harm your brand’s reputation.

Projection Marketing

projection marketing

Images and/or video clips displayed on building walls through the use of a projector is Projection Marketing. Projections leap off walls and snatch attention since people are habituated to staring at plain brick.

Projections tie exceptionally well with other marketing mediums, such as street teams, backpack billboards, and social media.  Projection campaigns can effortlessly switch into an interactive experience through format gaming, green screens, 3D mapping, and live streaming.

Projections are best suited for targeting the nighttime crowd and can be paraded near events, venues, concerts, bars, restaurants, theatres, etc.

Subsequently, a shortcoming of Projection Marketing is that it is only observable when it is dark out, so you couldn’t run a campaign during the day.

Contest Marketing

As the name implies, Contest Marketing employs contests to increase brand awareness, build brand relationships, and/or target new customers. Contest Marketing is unique, interactive, stimulating, and thrilling. Contest Marketing also has a load of flexibility and can be conducted online or in person.

Contest Marketing can lead to an increase in sales, web traffic, and/or engagement. You also have a chance to engage with your current customers while gaining new ones.

Nonetheless, when executing Contest Marketing campaigns, you should be careful not to overdo it because then people may no longer see the campaign as special, and it may even become dull to them.

Mural Marketing

Mural Marketing

Mural Marketing is when art is illustrated on walls, ceilings, or bridges. Similar to Chalk Art, Murals add exquisiteness and fascination to communities. Murals are memorable, aesthetically pleasing, and eccentric. People even halt in their tracks and gaze when Murals are being painted.

A benefit of Murals is that it often gets photographed and posted to social media. Murals also tend to be written about in blogs and be tourist attractions.

Like Wildposting® Marketing, Murals are susceptible to graffiti. However, it is more challenging to graffiti a mural and it tends to not show as well due to all the colors in a Mural. Typically, people do refrain from graffitiing Murals. But, if it does transpire, it can be solved by monitoring and maintaining the Mural.

Human Billboard Marketing

Human Billboard Marketing

Human Billboard Marketing is portrayed when individuals attach advertisements directly onto themselves. Human Billboard Marketing includes sporting items with advertisements, holding signs, wearing clothing with advertisements and even tattooing an advertisement onto your body.

Human Billboards walk your message right to your customer and are impossible to overlook. They can enter areas and events where other advertisements might not be permitted. When executing a Human Billboard campaign, you can select the number of human billboards, the communities they saunter, the events they attend, the activation dates, and the stimulation hours.

Human Billboards can distribute samples, coupons, pamphlets, and/or promotional material. They can also visit areas where your target markets are, such as specific events, malls, neighborhoods, campuses, venues, and/or restaurants.

Like Street Teams, if Human Billboards act destructively towards the public, then those actions are linked to your brand. Consequently, it is crucial to select Human Billboards that will positively and enthusiastically embody your brand.

Marketing Mediums provide a means for your messages to be seen and heard. At Grassroots, we provide the majority of these amazing marketing mediums. If you’re interested in launching an exhilarating campaign, then contact us today…