16 Jul 2018
Posted by: Emily Rieger

Grassroots’ Top Experiential Marketing Campaigns

John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is, I don’t know which half”.

A tremendous amount of money is spent on marketing, which just leads to more advertising clutter. It’s a huge challenge to stand out through all the ads and stimuli consumers view on a regular basis. At Grassroots, our solution to this ongoing problem is experiential marketing campaigns. Through experiential marketing, we create memorable and exciting experiences that build relationships with our community. Here are some of our top out-of-the-box campaigns.

The Never Grow Up Bicycle Campaign

Never Grow Up Bicycle Campaign

We recently executed the Never Grow Up campaign for Tourisme Montréal. We provided brand ambassadors who rode around high-traffic locations in Toronto’s downtown core on bicycles with monkey lights installed in the wheels for extra creative impact. The monkey lights were animations of various symbols that were representative of Montreal in hopes of attracting more visitors to Montreal. The Never Grow Up bicycle campaign brought much excitement, attention, and discussion to the people of Toronto.


Grassroots has had some remarkable experiential truck campaigns. Branded trucks are an excellent and flexible way to target specific areas, and they can be utilized to hand out free samples.

Nordstrom Branded Truck Campaigns

Nordstrom Flower Truck Campaign

We represented Nordstrom in two eye-catching branded truck campaigns. One of the campaigns had brand ambassadors hand out free tulips in a flower-decorated truck. The truck drove around Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary, and a total of 10,000 bundles of flowers were given away to welcome Spring.  Another Nordstrom campaign had a truck accompanied by brand ambassadors who handed out free hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies. The cups had a tear-away coupon for a gift at a Nordstrom store, which was an extremely unique way to increase store traffic.


Holt Renfrew Display Truck Campaign

Holt Renfrew Game Truck

A campaign we executed for Holt Renfrew utilized a display truck to play a game with the public. Brand ambassadors invited people onto the truck and instructed them to choose a key that unlocked one of the three boxes. Each box contained a different present that people could take home with them. Holt Renfrew’s game put many smiles on participant’s faces, and it resulted in a vast amount of positive community awareness.


Projection campaigns create integrated experiences and can promote brands in unexpected locations while reaching large audiences. Our projection campaigns can incorporate so many exciting elements, like format gaming, live-streaming, 3D mapping elements, and much more.

Toyota “Test Drive” Projection Campaign

Toyota Test Drive Campaign

A stimulating experiential projection was the Toyota “Test Drive” campaign, which put a unique spin on test drives. The chroma key was used to project passersby into the creative, and users could drive a Corolla on the screen. The two courses to choose between were the pinball or mountain drive courses.  Toyota brought test drives to a whole new level.


AMEX Projections

AMEX Projection Campaign

Another successful experiential projection was for AMEX at Nuit Blanche, which resulted in a ton of impressions and traffic to their photo booth. We used a green screen to project participants into the AMEX creative, and they could take pictures of themselves on the wall. Everyone had an opportunity to be an AMEX model.

At Grassroots, we make your dreams a reality. So, let’s break through the clutter and create a mouth-dropping campaign. We had a blast with all these experiential marketing campaigns, and we can’t wait for all the sensational campaigns to come.